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How much should I list my house for?


Hi There Northwest Ferndale is the Creme de la Creme of Ferndale as i am sure you are aware - The prices vary depending on condition - updates - amenities etc...if you can tell me more about your home i can send you homes that have recently sold as well as homes that are currently listed to give you an idea of how your home would compareit is a Seller's market for sure - so your timing is excellentFeel free to contact me directly Lori

I have terrible credit and no collateral, can I stil get a loan to buy a house?


The best thing you can do is speak to a lender that is highly referred to you.  If they are good at what they do - they will run your numbers and sketch out a plan for you to follow to get into the buying position.then otherwise - with the market being as it is - some sellers are willing to do what is called a land contract - contact a local agent in the area you would like to be in and ask them to explain that process and look for listings for you otherwise - have a great holidayLori

why has Zillow listed my home value way below my assessed value


I frequently hear this very question... good job ....essentially to piggy back on the two previous replies i would say yes - your best source for an estimated value on your home is local realtors - they are active in your neighborhood and familiar with most homes that have recently sold - i have been both a residential appraiser and now a realtor - and i will tell you even an appraisal is subject to conflict - it is not as objective as most people thinkotherwise - robert is right in noting that government agencies tend to be behind the time - but also - as much as i LOVE zillow - they are not able to weed out the bank owned homes - or - sometimes when a home owner puts a their home into a trust it is recorded as a transfer of ownership for one dollar - so if that transaction is considered in it's zestimate - obviously it is going to bring the "average" sales price down considerable .... follow?i work the south east oakland county area and am very familiar with the 696 and woodward avenue area - so feel free to conntact me directly if you want more information :)   Lori[edited by Zillow moderator to remove contact information. Please refer to Good Neighbor Policy]

How Do You Search for your home purchase


I agree with Jeny - although consumers are some times resistent to work with a Realtor, mainly because they don't want to be "bugged", the best resource for a buyer out there is hooking up with a Realtor that is active in the area they wish to purchase a home.  Be sure to be comfortable with that person just like you would any other professional you hire.  Remember also the entire service a Realtor provides a buyer is completely FREE to the buyer.... so use them:)