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Why should a buyer's agent try to get me the best price?


I'm not going to retread the territory of many of the other responses here including "ethics," "referrals," "professionalism" etc.  However I will add that the buyer's agent has a function above and beyond getting the best price.  These include helping the buyer to decide which is the best home to even make an offer on!  Then there is the guidance through the inspection process, the appraisal process, the lending process, etc etc.  No one who is seriously committed to real estate is going to compromise their integrity for a small percentage of an extra 5000 (for example) and if you question that your agent would, it's time for a serious sit down with them.  Louise Griffin[Content removed by moderator due to self-promotion]

seriously considering buying a house in raleigh as investment.....


If you are not able to be in the area to screen potential tenants or to handle issues that come up at the property, then you probably do want to hire a property manager.  There are several good firms here locally that will handle for you.  However, it is important that you first establish what your goals are for the rental - this will help determine what type of property to buy.  Louise Griffin[Content removed by moderator due to self-promotion]

In the current market, how are houses that need updating selling? The kitchen is updated.


Of course the answer partly depends on how you intend to price your home and also the market in your area.  However, one question to ask yourself is if you, as a buyer, would want and expect something to be updated.  there is a big difference between something that could use a cosmetic update vs. say, torn and worn carpet.  If it can be fixed simply and make your home present better, you may want to consider.  Also, if you KNOW your buyer is going to want to do more major updates, have your Realtor's lending partner prepare some material on renovation loans so your potential buyers know this is available. 

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