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House selling nightmare, A continuation from our real estate agent did very little!!!


Gregg2463, has the leak been fixed? I would have to say that you should make an attempt to resolve what appears to be one small problem so all can move forward. Yes, "Tuscon Spirit" makes a very good point that your agent should be answering these questions depending on how your Purchase and Sales Contract is written. It sounds to me like it really comes down to "who's going to fix the problem?" Is it worth your time, money and energy to just take care of the issue or is the buyer just looking for reasons to back out? If you were my seller, I would be discussing options with you and possibly the buyer's broker (if they have one) to resolve the issue so we could all move forward. Look to your agent for any suggestions they or their principal broker may have to offer. Best of luck and I hope all works out because moving is not an easy task! Take care, Julie

my current interest rate is 6% should i refinance? my loan is $252K 30 yrs fixed.


Tweety, I feel that it would behoove you to take the time to sit down with a local mortgage broker (someone preferably that you know and trust) that will help you analyze your personal situation. Don't be afraid to ask questions, put together a list before meeting with the mortgage broker. The more knowledge you have the better decisions you will make! Don't forget that some of the fees that are charged to you can be negotiated as well. It's your hard earned money, spend it wisely! Happy Holidays, Julie.