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pre foreclosure


I'd like to help you get an answer on your question but you need to be more specific on what you need to know re pre-foreclosure.

what is required when making an offer on a home


If you are taking out a loan to buy a house, you must have been pre-approved by a lender. All your required documents have already been submitted to the lender and a pre-approval letter has been issued that will reflect the type of loan, purchase price, down payment required from you to purchase a house. Please work with a knowledgeable Realtor in submitting an offer to ensure that you have all the required contract documents and that the terms of the contracts have been explained to you as well. The seller will reject an incomplete offer package. In addition, a copy of your bank statement that should reflect your down payment plus closing cost must also be provided with your offer.

buy to rent


Of course you can do that provided you have disclosed this to your lender and to the seller.

hi, I want to know what happens if I extend the close of escrow for 2 days?


You can always negotiate that with the seller. However, you need to provide a valid reason for the seller to agree. Since your lender is ready to close on time, you need to also communicate your plan with the lender. Ask your lender when your lock in rate is expiring. Worst case scenario, seller can ask you to pay a per diem which would be the penalty for the extension.