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05/28/2014 - barry herman
Property manage a home.

In my position as Executive Director of Ahavath Achim Synagogue, property management was one of the tasks assigned to me. At 126 years old, Ahavath Achim Synagogue is one of the oldest and largest Synagogues in the United States. During my tenure here, Lynn Friedman ably assisted me with the management of our parsonage homes. Hiring Lynn as Property Manager was one of the best decisions that I made. Her expert management and attention to detail made my job much easier for the past eight years. She not only dealt with three rentals houses but also found excellent Tenants. Lynn fulfilled her commitments and delivered full service for all the tasks requested. Personally, she is conscientious and cheerful – qualities that make working every day easier for all of us. Lynn has a set routine for Property Management established during her 40 years of dealing with leased properties. I agreed to follow the system and am glad that I did. Records of expenses were meticulous. Our funds were in Escrow at all times. All repairs and equipment replacements were documented properly. At any time, I could ask for and receive reconciliation. Lynn consistently hired people who would do their work well and at a reasonable cost. Before her administration of these properties, the person in charge of repair work sought to do it as cheaply as possible. The combined cost of the cheapest and then the corrections was more than Lynn’s team expenses. Lynn’s team did the work correctly the first time. I am delighted to recommend Lynn and am confident that others would profit from her professionalism and expertise. Please feel free to contact me with any questions on 404-226-0870

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Response from Lynn B on 06/03/2014

THANKS! I am proud that I did make your job easier! It was an enjoyable eight years of working for you. I love the puzzle aspects of PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. How to resolve the "keep the expenses down" with the "really nice place to lease" is always a challenge. Barry, you gave me guidelines and then gave me the autonomy to do my job well. I truly appreciate it! Lynn



01/05/2014 - jedwardturk
Bought a home in 2013.

I could write a novel about working with Lynn, but I'l try to make the review quick and useful, so here it goes: -I was a first time home buyer, and I had no idea what I was doing before working with Lynn -I found Lynn on Zillow, and was impressed by the other reviews, so I emailed her. She called me within 2 hours, and we got the ball rolling. -Lynn charges new clients a "research and education fee" that seemed odd at first, but was well worth the value of her experience and attention to detail. (her "thinking outside the box" saved me 7-8 times the research and education fee without impacting the seller negotiations). -I initially was "just looking" with a 5-6 month time horizon, and Lynn was 100% on board with a long, slow search for the perfect house after I was ready. After I began to see houses that I really liked being snapped up by other buyers, I kicked the search into high hear, and Lynn was lock-step, never being pushy or making me feel pressured to make a decision -Throughout the whole process, Lynn always made herself available to meet my schedule, and worked on my behalf when I couldn't. -Lynn is full of experiences and opinions and is not afraid to share them; however, I came to view her as a navigator--while she may have told me what I needed to do, all of the decisions were ultimately mine, and she always respected that. -Throughout the process, I felt like I was Lynn's only client, and the attention I received made a challenging life event a pleasurable experience. -Lastly, I am writing this a week after the closing, and I think that I have spoken with Lynn each day since the closing as I work through the process of getting my new home ready for move in. Although her commission has been paid, she is still giving me the same great attention and service that I got before the sale--that alone speaks to Lynn's style.

Give Lynn a call, you will be happy you did!

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Response from Lynn B on 06/03/2014

Ed, Thanks! I love being called a "Navigator" - perfect job description for sure! Meeting with you and working with you have been a highlight of my career in real estate! Your comment that the RESEARCH & EDUCATION FEE was "well-worth" it means a lot to me. When the Client has a 'horse in the race' - so to speak - forming a successful team is much more likely. The team is essential for reaching success with FIRST-TIME BUYERS! Your teamwork was the best anyone could ask to receive! I REALLY appreciated your quick responses when documents were needed. We were fighting the clock to get closed before the end of 2013. WE GOT IT DONE BY WORKING AS A TEAM. Lynn



12/13/2013 - rif1213
Sold a home in 2011.

My wife and I have enjoyed living in our retirement apartment for over two and a half years now thanks to Lynn Friedman.

Today is my 91st Birthday. I was sitting and reflecting on many past experiences in my life and I remembered that I promised to write this review and now I am doing it.

I say thanks to Lynn because she made our move become a reality. We had this apartment waiting for us for almost a year as we sat waiting to sell our condo where we had lived for over 20 years. When she showed it to one of her customers, we were impressed with her personally and professionally.

It is an interesting story. I offered her $1000 extra 'under the table' if she would sell it so we could get moved. She responded in a flash by asking if I would go to prison for her if she accepted the money!

I told her we weren't renewing with sales agent again. She said she would recommend someone who specialized in our community to be the next agent. Then she asked if we wanted her to come by and tell us how to sell quickly. Of course, I said yes.

After the other agent's time ended, Lynn came over. I asked her what did I need to do to sell. She answered in two words - GET OUT. She said Take your bride and go enjoy the time you have left together.

And we did. She organized two sisters to help us sort through all our belongings and get packed up to move. They cleaned out closets, cabinets and even the attic. Others fixed up our gardens and patio areas. The people she sent over were terrific. She wrote an article on the internet with a musical slide show she made about our home and gardens. Before we knew it, moving day had arrived.

The other agent sold our empty condo while we enjoyed living comfortably in our new apartment. After decades of household care, I am enjoying the lack of responsibility for upkeep.

I am glad we took her advice. She spoke plainly. Even though she loves doing house sales, she put our real estate needs in the front of her mind. You will always be happy that you hired her. Bob and Louise F.

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Response from Lynn B on 12/13/2013

.............................................Dear Bob, Well, on your birthday you gave ME the gift. I truly appreciate the review! You did include the whole story, didn't you? Getting you and your sweet wife settled makes me proud. RETIREMENT HOUSING is a complicated decision. I'm glad you still enjoy thinking about Atlanta Homes ODAT Realty's support for you. We love LISTING PROPERTY FOR SALE yet we will do what is best for our Client even if that includes suggesting another agent. Thanks for the Review! Lynn and the Team



10/01/2013 - user33896776
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $300K in Underwood Hills, Atlanta, GA.

Lynn could not have done a better job assisting me and my boyfriend in finding and buying our first home! Attention and knowledgeable service – that's what we received from Lynn at ODAT reality. As a first-time Buyer, this was very important to me. She answered all of my questions and followed through on the details every time. She was always there when I needed something.

The Atlanta Homes ODAT Realty team offered me top-level choices - several mortgage lenders, home inspectors and even the structural engineer. Lynn negotiated with our Seller to use her preferred high level contractor for the changes. Her support allowed me to feel comfortable throughout the process from my first offer to buy through the repair completion and on to Closing.

For the contract itself, Lynn's negotiation skills were excellent. I paid the price I wanted to pay for my new home and the Seller agreed to do all the repairs I wanted. I moved in with the house just the way I wanted it to be. It was great.

Be prepared for her to insist that you do things in a certain way – having a mortgage approval before looking for example. We butted heads a few times yet the best results usually came when I followed her suggestions and she always listened to my opinion when I would put my foot down.

I am glad to recommend Atlanta Homes ODAT Realty and Lynn B. Friedman to anyone wanting a successful real estate experience.

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Response from Lynn B on 10/03/2013

THANKS! I really appreciate the review. We had fun, didn't we? I appreciate that you willingly paid our RESEARCH and EDUCATION FEE after our first meeting. I see the R&E FEE as a commitment from the Buyer to forming a team with us. Mutual respect is essential. And - yes - with my method - A MORTGAGE LETTER BEFORE WE START LOOKING - every minute of the search is useful - no wasting time! FIRST-TIME BUYERS need many extra hours to feel comfortable about the process. We discussed the PURCHASE PROCESS in great depth. We went and looked at every home you wanted to see and stayed at each as long as you wanted. It's important to me that each Client feels very secure about selecting a future home! NEGOTIATIONS? Taking a WIN-WIN approach makes the back and forth of a purchase a successful process.You and I had a great adventure together. I am delighted that you are so content. Nice to have pleased a lawyer with my negotiation approach! Have a happy day - Lynn



07/07/2013 - user05826596
Helped me rent a Condo home in Buckhead Forest, Atlanta, GA.


I wanted to thank you for your focus and outstanding help on my housing needs. From our first phone call until you negotiated the lease for my wonderful loft space, you provided me with terrific customer service.

The way you listened to what I wanted to achieve and then thought of ways to help me reach my goals was very much appreciated! You even requested the small changes I wanted to make in the loft with the Landlord and gave me the names of professionals to do the work for me.

I'm also glad I paid the Research & Education Fee you requested without any reservations. I received value for that investment in you and your company. Your creative methods succeeded – I live exactly where I wanted to live and am paying less than the rental amount listed for the unit. In fact, the reduction you worked out in the rent meant that your fee was paid off in two and a half months leaving me with nine months of savings!

Thanks again very much for your outstanding service. I look forward to the opportunity to refer you to others.


Van Earl Wright

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Response from Lynn B on 09/11/2013

Thanks for your kind words! You and I both met our goals by forming a TEAM for success. Negotiation is fun for me. I loved working toward your RENTAL RATE REDUCTION! And thanks again for your quick understanding of our request for an EXCLUSIVE AGREEMENT with the Research and Education Fee upfront. So much computer access sometimes leads folks to use several agents at once. We only work as an exclusive TEAM to get the best results. Being your exclusive CONSULTANT allowed me to focus strongly on your needs. Have a happy day - Lynn



05/30/2013 - user7240943
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 in North Buckhead, Atlanta, GA.

I wanted to thank you for your continued attention to my search from the beginning until we found my wonderful condo. Before we even started, you gave me access to a personalized search engine and left me alone to research for myself at my own rate. I appreciated that chance to set the pace for myself. When I was ready to buy, I paid the Research & Education Fee you requested – I already had enjoyed months of benefits from your added services! When I said I was ready to begin searching, you and your office really focused on me constantly until we succeeded. Given my student loans, it was an uphill battle but you never gave up. You only showed properties to me that met my geographic conditions. No wasted time. You helped me find a Mortgage Lender who stuck with me time after time until we found the right place. I selected the right Broker for my home search - that's for sure.

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Response from Lynn B on 09/11/2013

I am grateful that you feel you received VALUE for the RESEARCH and EDUCATION FEE. While you were gearing up, I greeted you from time to time – waiting until you were ready. The Buyer knows when it is time to jump into the pool! Everyone has something that makes the process individual - yours was STUDENT LOANS and others have different challenges. Working with you was a pleasure – ODAT Realty BELIEVES IN PATIENCE as a component for success in real estate. Of course, we just kept supporting your search until the right place came along! Have a happy day - Lynn



04/07/2013 - user75601654
Showed home in 2013 in Peachtree Hills, Atlanta, GA.

- very easy to talk to. responds to texts quickly. truly works to accommodate the buyer's schedule - lynn only showed me houses that fit my interest criteria. no "time waster" listings - i was impressed by ms. friedman's respectful, attentive demeanor. lynn was a strong advocate on my behalf because she listened to and understood my specific housing needs.

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Response from Lynn B on 04/11/2013

Dear H.R. (or AKA - User #75601654) - A big THANK YOU for your kind review. We STAY ON TARGET when people call us to search. I am so happy to hear we met your needs. Our focus makes the search easier for our Clients.The internet brings so much information that even the most sophisticated consumer still benefits from a full-time professional to sort the options. Looking forward to your next move - Lynn



01/23/2013 - user9324664
Helped me rent a Townhouse home in Cross Creek, Atlanta, GA.

Moving to Atlanta after graduating from college was a very daunting task. Thankfully, we were able to meet Lynn and she showed us around several units in the area. The unit we picked was perfect for us, and was actually one of Lynn's renovations, it is cozy, inviting, and makes us feel right at home. We have certainly enjoyed our time here and wouldn't have been happier anywhere else. Lynn has been there as a landlord and a friend when we needed her, something we have never experienced with previous landlords. We would certainly recommend using Lynn if you are given the opportunity (as a realtor and a renovator).

-Victoria Gunnin

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Response from Lynn B on 01/31/2013

Dear Victoria, What a wonderful surprise to see this review! I PROPERTY MANAGEMENT skills are a crucial factor for Investor Clients to consider so your review is great to add here. I am proud that our RENOVATION SERVICES afforded you such a wonderful place to live! Thanks again AND have a happy day - Lynn



05/27/2012 - user2943244
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $75K in Doraville, GA.

I’m pleased to say we plan Closing in two weeks! I was searching for a real estate agent online and found Lynn on Zillow. As the Executor for my mom’s estate, I needed someone to help me plan and prepare her home for sale. I didn’t know what we should fix up and what we should leave for the new owners to fix up. I didn’t know what documents I would need to sell an estate property.

In addition, my mom had a vacant lot in a sub-division in Florida. Lynn, as a Consultant, researched for us and found the neighbors’ contact information. One of them is buying the lot. She even found the right lawyer’s office to do a quick Probate filing there in Florida for us so we could close on the land sale.

Another benefit I enjoyed was Lynn’s work style. She made things move along. She didn’t wait for people to come on the Open House days – she actually called and invited possible buyers. That certainly worked because we have a sales contract in progress with one of those people!

I discovered an angel in Lynn. Her experience, patience and trustworthiness set my mind & heart at ease. Her openness & motherly guidance has helped me to set realistic goals for the sale of the property. I’m deeply appreciative of her guidance & friendship in helping me to handle this extremely hard - both emotionally & mentally - task. I would HIGHLY recommend Lynn to anyone who is need of a true professional.

Sincerely, Lee F., Executor

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Response from Lynn B on 06/25/2012

Dear Lee, Let me start by thanking you for being an amazing Client. You did all the " lfix-ups" I suggested. That was a wonderful experience! And now we have CLOSED THE SALE of your mother's home for her estate. And what an adventure we had! Everything went well and everyone is quite happy - aren't we all lucky! The Buyers move in this week ... I am glad that my ACRE(R) designation and my working as a Consultant came in handy. I'm glad that I was able to help you make the right connections for selling off the FLORIDA lots as well. Learning about how to apply for Florida PROBATE was an adventure to be sure! Have a happy day and thanks for the chance to assist your family! Lynn



09/10/2011 - kansaki
Bought a Single Family home in 1994 for approximately $200K in Duluth, GA.

Looking back, I see that I have over 25 years with Lynn as my real estate agent. My positive recommendation for Lynn stretches back to the 1980's when she managed rental property for me in Atlanta after I moved to a different state. In 1994, her task was to find a home for me to buy a home for my daughter. Lynn searched and researched finding the perfect home for me to purchase in the north part of Fulton County. The in-law suite in the home continues to be a good fit for me when I am visiting in Atlanta.

Now, again, I am reaching out - this time to move back to Atlanta. Lynn researched several communities for me to see when I came to town in the Spring. We narrowed the search to two communities, "semi-finalists", for November when I will return to make a final decision.

Lynn is thorough and detail conscious. She is a real estate professional who does a great deal of research ahead of the appointment so that no time is wasted when looking with a client. I am certain you will enjoy having her work with you to find your new home or condo. I am happy to recommend her services.

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Response from Lynn B on 09/11/2013

No one could have a better Client than you either! I really appreciate your saying "NO TIME IS WASTED WHEN LOOKING" because that is important to me. Using the EXCLUSIVE AGREEMENT allows us to minimize wasted Client time! No one of us has enough time each day - we benefit by respecting each other's schedules! Looking forward to having you back in Atlanta to stay. Have a happy day - Lynn