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Brand new Agent struggling to get started.


Check out/ interview with Keller Williams. BOLD, Ignite, 36:12:3, all courses to give you right now business! Teaches scripts, door knocking, time blocking, mentors available. Contact me if you have any questions...

Is there a way to get my home listed on our local MLS without doing an expensive realtor listing?


There are a lot of agents and not everyone is a Realtor. You can absolutely negotiate the commission. I have a question for you, you want top dollar for your home right? You want a top negotiator right? Well if you just out negotiated me to lower my commission, how do you feel about my negotiating skills now? No, I don't lower my commission nor should you want me to!

Is there a time limit for an agent's right to commission for someone they brought to the property


All legalities aside they differ state to state, and contract to contract) ethically let me pose a question to you: I'm your boss, and I come to you and say, "...I know you've worked for me on xyz project for 6 months, then we decided to post phone the completion indefinitely, but surprise, surprise, great news! SZQ just came in last week with a proposal under budget and finished your baby!!!! So thanks we won't be needing you after all SZQ got the contract!! Were you the procuring cause? Do you feel cheated? What would have been the right thing to do? Your buyer waited until the listing expired and approached you to sell it FSBO you both know the agent brought the buyer to the seller. Do the RIGHT thing and call your agent. You will sleep better.

My Zestimate is not correct or even close to being accurate. How can it be corrected?


I am actually very glad you posted your question! The Internet feeds the consumer's need for information and zillow is a fabulous conduit between agents/buyers//sellers. Unfortunately, the information on zillow is culled from public records and user provided information. I myself have have often been frustrated by zestimates inaccuracies. I've had out of area appraisers low ball an appraisal because of a zestimate and I have had buyers want to write low ball offers based on zestimates where the market was clearly higher. Nothing can take the place of a local realtor expert that knows their market. I'm with Keller Williams Realty, and our company is very big on market trends and training. I recommend calling your local Keller Williams office and interview a few agents today.