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how much can i sell my home at 61 jimbowden rd., mchenry, ms. 39561

Best Answer

There's a couple of approaches to take to this answer. The easiest way to determine a value is get an appraisal. Secondly, you could have an agent that is familiar with the market in the area take a look at your home and do a Comparative Market Analysis. This shows you what other homes that are similar to yours have sold for in the recent past. It is a good indicator of what you can get, but is not an appraisal or assured value. Give me a call at [Contact info removed by moderator] if you would like to discuss this more. Jeff Palmer

When purchasing a home, will I need to have a survey and if not, what are the benefits to having one


You are usually not required to have a survey unless the property being purchased is in a meets and bounds legal description. The two types of legal descriptions are "meets and bounds" and "lot and block". M&B is layed out according to quadrants using a beginning point and an ending point and describes the parcel though the legal, for example,  lying in the NE 1/4 of  the SW 1/2 of the N/W 1/4 of Section 12, Township 9, Range 14 West more particularly described as...... - Lot and Block is more common and goes something like - Lot 10 of Perdido Beach West Subdivision located in Broward County Fl. Lot and block is a predetermined parcel that has been layed out in a planned development. Meets and Bounds can be split, divided, parceled, and sold in various sizes, shapes, etc. A survey is beneficial with both types to indicated where the land lines are. It is very common for Lot and block to have set pins that are easily found.