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Since when do appraisers ignore the value of the land?JPMORGAN lost class action suit as result.

You appraise the value of my neighbor's SMALLER lot, NO VIEWS and yet, his taxes, like mine, are based on his land valued at $1,500,000 and it is built on sand with a concrete poured foundation and a retaining wall to prevent the earth/cliff behind his house from collapsing on it....Because of Prop.13 which because of inheritance laws, keep me from having to pay HIS taxes on that 1.5 which is for a terrible piece of land compared to mine which is on solid granite and with better views and private beach access.Now redo the evaluation and you do not even have to include the house in which I have 400 thousand dollars in contstruction. I did it all legally with PERMITS too.

How long does it typically take to get a loan pre-approval?


Since the recession and the merging of banks who fear losing positions at the top of the ladder, they have become cautious "liars" when they offer you a refinancing which would normally take 8 days or less, grew into 8 months, after taking money from me for processing and then reneging at the LOW rate.I then, out of duty to my fellow man, hired a HUGE legal firm who just beat this bank in a major class action suit, and was ready to take them to the bank to the cleaners.The bank got served with a large suit, and the CEOs of the merged banks called me and nearly begged by forgiveness, lowered the rate to almost nothing, and blamed one another for the error. I got a settlement, my lawyer's fees, and they got no bad publicity.You too can get your rights protected and do not need millions, but DO INVESTIGATING ON GOOGLE  and check ALL lending institutions.

Because of the incredible location of my house, almost 99 % of the value lies in the land. Has anyon

In all my travels worldwide, and owning multimillion dollar homes in the Bay Area worth millions, I chose to retire at a secluded, beach house purchased for a song in the 60's and used primarily for running our dogs on the beach which was legal then.I KNEW I would retire at this place after a remodeling and it is still the most private, best located, and located property near a major city I have EVER known. Power mad, or just plain nutty neighbors have gone out of their way to cause me harm and not let me be since population and growth came to the area. I have found it necessary to hire private security and protection of my own. Is it worth it? Yes, a person's PARADISE has no pricetag, but I think I have a different philosophy on the meaning of envy

In 2004, this house sold for 2.5 million and had at least 12k in additions.Why so undervalued?

As a neighbor, I watched almost 8 years of additions, of 32 FULL SIZED cement trucks(film and photos)build a retaining wall which they got the County to write off as a 'Sauna' which was actually a gardener's shed and is now a large guest house.The COUNTY also ignored at least 1600 sq ft. added to main house. How did they get around the Bldg. commissions? The bldg. commission has shielded ALL non legal permits from Supervisors.It was recorded, however.Three times when the first two complaints were "lost" in records.Neighbors on road above witnessed jaw dropping construction and I have proof of the additions which San Mateo County FLATLY denies.All is recorded in spite of blind eyes turned.Try and find the property owner other than a TRUST co.Half of the property is useless because of tides.


The MOST important part of buying a house is the property's location. When one has the largest lot, on the most exclusive private beach in almost 500 miles in a prime secluded location, and ZILLOW does not use that as a sales power effort whether the house is perfect or a tear down, why is it that they throw in a lesser lot nearby with a newer house, ignoring the most splendid lot on the coast? I have been offered 6 million cash for my property and Zillow does not include anything but what the old house on it is worth. I know real estate and you are all wrong.

Description of my house

I own the best piece land in Moss Beach both on location--on beach with private access, built on granite and inherited through proposition 13 reducing property taxes 1/10th or my neighbor whose house is built on filled in sand and cement and is destroyed during major storms.I do not care that they appraise my home for so little compared to the neighbor's $1,500,000 for land alone since I never would leave the best lot on the coast. Mine was assessed based on when it was bought in 1976 and is far more interesting than his $10,000,000 money eater and I have 180 degree views from all windows.Neighbor's house took 5 years to build and owner has never spent the night. Last one was new but dryrotted and homes must be tax write offs or does anyone one know why so much would be spent? Full time gardener's 5 times a week also.


Have you refinanced your small home based on the asking price? If so, the IRS should know in case you have acquired more property against A county assessor (independent) will be asked to revalue your property since it affects your neighbors who have been interviewed since you changed the value on Zillow.

Your home price

It was 345,00 dollars last January. What improvements have you done? I understand you are going to be involved in a civil suit for $30,000,000 dollars for destroying property. If so, how do you plan to explain the change you put for the value of your home?