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Property boundary question with neighbors house for sale


A survey only shows where the deeded property lines are. The thing about Adverse Possession is that is pertains to property that is outside of the lines, and that's why we have a problem. And before you take advice from anybody about how you can negotiate this to your satisfaction, you'd better talk to somebody who will defend that advice in court, and that means, an attorney.

Property boundary question with neighbors house for sale


This is so worth spending money with an attorney over.One of the features of "Adverse Possession" is that it is Open and Notorious. You knew that I was treating your property as mine, and you never said anything, so you kinda acted as if it were mine all along.Take the pins back for a refund, and talk to real bona fide professionals.All the best,

Cash Offer


Yeah, no, Don't let your hopes of a windfall blind you to the obvious - they haven't seen your home, you don't know who they are, and real buyers don't behave this way,.My response would be: Thank you for your interest. Please feel free to write up an offer subject to inspection, and please provide proof of funds from a verifiable source.All the best,

Not clear title


Short and sweet, HDA.rn mita, if the seller's can't pay off the federal tax lien from the proceeds of the sale, then basically they're in a short-sale situation, and as High Desert Agent says, you can either make up the difference or walk away a little lighter in the wallet.All the best,