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The transformation to the look of the house is stunning.
It's a critically important decision as to who you choose to invite into your home to handle your home improvement needs. Maize Remodeling will handle your home improvements, respecting your needs and wants while delivering Quality and Care. 
Hiring Maize will save you money and heartache in the end.
Guiding You Through Each Step
Unlike new-construction projects, we are almost always working as guests in someone's home. Our respectful, detail-oriented process relies on time-tested approaches that include precise planning and close communication with you, our client. By establishing a personal relationship and working with you as a team, we are sure to achieve the result we all envision. 
Once we complete the initial project, Maize will be your number one choice for all of your future projects. 
Eric is trustworthy and added value to my plan. Maize Remodeling will be my first choice at the next remodeling project 
Being a good listener and understanding a client's goals are the real keys to every successful remodel.  Clients rely on the knowledge, experience and expertise of their contractor  We feel it is our responsibility to educate homeowner's on products, methods and practices so they have enough information to make a good decision.  Maize Remodeling will take the time that you need to insure your project is done right the first time.  
Maize Remodeling has the heart and expertise to make your project a success.
Quality Workmanship Through Pride In Each Project
Taking pride in our work, and the eagerness to make our clients happy, is what separates us from other companies. We know that every little aspect of a project needs to be dealt with skillfully and carefully to make sure the finished product turns out to be better than the client expected.  That means everything from a well thought out plan, to good client/contractor communication, to working with quality and proven trades professionals.  As well as keeping the job site clean to help insure the peace of mind of the client while living among home improvements.  This is very important to our company and to our clients. 
We strive for complete satisfaction.
I have been impressed, not only with the quality of your work which is absolutely 1st class, but even more-so with your professional approach and personal touch.
We align ourselves with Trade Professionals who carry the same work ethic and credentials as we do.  Our team of Trades Professionals work on projects when they are needed.  We do not put jobs "out for bid".  We feel a responsibility to our clients and understand what they expect.  They trust us to bring good reputable trade professionals into their home.  People that we all  have come to know and trust. . 
Trust, Reliability, Integrity and Fairness are the foundation of building the long term relationships that we pride ourselves on.
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