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Can the seller keep/uninstall a heat source?


In my opinion it is a removable heat source, many home owner's opt to take pellet stoves when they move.  I agree it should not have been listed as a heat source in the MLS.  There is a permanent form of heat in the house, so no foul play, probably just an oversight.

What are typical closing cost for a home purchase?


Usually 5-6 % is typical with financing. Should be much less as a cash deal unless property tax is very high. Also if it is a bank owned. Property they may require the buyer to pay all transfer tax

What are a REO agents responsibilities to the buyers and the bank?


The same thing happened to one of my clients, unfortunately the banks are favoring cash offer's, they are cleaner and faster.  They held my buyer's offer and countered an investor's cash offer to get it up in price.  My buyer's did not get the property, the investor's cash counter was accepted. It is a  common practice right now.  I personally think it stinks, but not much we can do about it.  Also, I never send a good faith check until you have an accepted offer,I prefer to send a copy of your good faith check, this way your ck is not floating around and possibly lost.