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Realistic expectations for buyer's agent?


I agree that good properties don't last long, so one always needs to act quickly if they're interested in a good property. That being said, a good agent will not wait for you to call them, or meet on their schedule. They should be calling you contantly asking you questions, narrowing down the search for you and working around YOUR schedule. Typically, I would call a couple of agents and interview them before deciding to use them. See who you get along with best and also see which of them follow up with you the best after the interview. That should give you an idea of what they wil be like after you decide to use them. Best of luck!

What is the smartest way to shop for a home remotely?


I agree with everyone about using a local expert. I have sold several home to people out of state and aside from the usual pictures, etc... one thing that seemed to work well was a video tour of not just the house but the city and neighborhood as well. I was able to give a virtual tour of the area, amenities and the home through video.[content removed by moderator]

When looking in a subdivision looks as though there may be a vacant lot. How do you find out?


Owasso Real EstateA realtor will be able to find out any information for you a lot faster than you probably can or would want to spend time researching. Another good idea I've used in the past with success is to go to a neighbor and ask them who owns the property. A lot of the time, they might own it, or they will know who does. owasso real estate

What are some of the "hottest" neighborhoods in owasso?


For affordability I'd say Lake Valley. Lower taxes and lot of attractive amenities for renters. For something bigger in size and more upscale, I'd say there are several good deals throughout Owasso. Owasso real estate is generally a good stable market for investors.

What are your favorite open house techniques


Sprinkle a little bit of vanilla extract on the stove and then turn it on. It makes the house smell like you just baked a loaf of fresh bread.[link removed by moderator]

How much business are agents really doing these days?


I am lucky enough to have gotten many referrals this year and it has kept my business steady. Nothing overwhelming, but not slow either. Persistence pays off. [link removed by moderator]