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French Doors: Why They are Called Such (Part 2)


During the wars of the 16th century the French returned home with some borrowed ideas of art and architecture. Nature, light and symmetry reminiscent of Roman culture were taken and translated.A view onto the flower garden was now a work of art. Both stylish and functional French Doors will immediately improve the look and value of most rooms.

What happens if the buyer's agent I hire also lists a home I love?


Each state has different laws and it may be worth while to bring your concerns to the state's Realtor Organization. They are independent bodies concerned with the ethics of all real estate transactions and will help you to understand the pros and cons of moving forward.

How do you get someone to return your calls?


This is a business relationship where you definitely want fast, professional and open lines of communication. Make a list of properties from your local newspapers and Craigs and chose the right apartment as well as the most responsive landlord!