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Top 4 Neighborhoods for Texas Medical Center Professionals $300-600k

Texas Medical Center real estate offers some great neighborhoods for professionals from $300-600k. There are numerous property types, neighborhood settings, and lifestyles available. You can find mid-century homes, luxury homes and townhomes, and high rise living. Quiet residential neighborhoods and exciting urban experiences can also be found.Read More [hotlink removed by Zillow moderator]

Top 4 Neighborhoods for Texas Medical Center Professionals Under $300k

Texas Medical Center real estate offers some great neighborhoods for professionals under $300K. These neighborhoods come with a quiet residential setting and a short commute to work.  Many of these subdivisions will appeal to first-time home buyers and folks that are looking to relocate in from the suburbs.For more info, [hotlink deleted by Zillow  moderator. Please refer to our Good Neighbor Policy for posting guidelines]

Houston Home Prices Predicted to Rise 3.6%

Houston ranks number two in Clear Capital's Home Data Index.  The real estate valuation and research firm predicts that Houston home prices will increase 3.6% in 2011.Get the full report here: [Link removed by moderator]

Considering Building on McDuffie St. Houston, Looking for Suggestions...


It would be a good idea to sit down with an architect so that they can play around with the site plan.  There are not a lot of builders that have the credit capacity to build spec homes right now.  An option that my builder clients have been successful with recently is marketing the property as-is for custom single family patio homes.


Norhill Realty presents our 2nd Quarter Market Report for the Greater Houston area.  Norhill's Market Report tracks several key neighborhoods within Greater Houston's Inner Belt, and breaks down the number of sales, median days on market, average sales price, and the months of inventory.  We then compare the 1st Quarter figures with those of the same quarter from the previous year.  The Houston real estate market has definitely improved in the past 12 months.  The 2nd Quarter of 2010 has performed much better than the 2nd Quarter of 2009.  In 22 of the 32 neighborhoods, the number of single family home sales have increased.  Over half of those neighborhoods have seen an increase in average home prices for single family homes.  Furthermore, 15 of the 32 neighborhoods have seen a decline in inventory levels with should continue to prop up prices.   On the Townhome/Condominium front, the improvement was even more pronounced.  In 22 of the 30 neighborhoods, townhome sales increased.  In 20 of those neighborhoods, the number of sales increased by double digits.  Despite the increase in sales, this has not helped support prices.  With many homebuilders slashing prices to clear inventory, a majority of neighborhoods have seen a decline in average Townhome/Condominium prices.  This price slashing may be working since 19 of the 30 neighborhoods Norhill tracks saw a decline in inventory levels from 2nd Quarter of 2009.   

Greater Houston Area 3rd Quarter Real Estate Market Report

Click on the link below to access the 3rd Q Market Report.  Take a look and give us some feedback.  Feel free to contact me with any specific questions about your neighborhood.[hotlink removed by Zillow moderator]

Good Time to buy a home, says leading Houston economist

University of Houston economics professor Barton Smith is the foremost authority on the Houston economy.  His annual symposium on the Houston real estate market and economy are attended by some of the largest real estate investors, builders, and developers in the Houston area.  At this year's event, which was held in early May, Barton Smith stated that the single family home market in Houston may prove to be the strongest of all of Houston's real estate sectors.  To see what else Barton Smith had to say, you can check out a report on the event from Nancy Sarnoff at [content removed by moderator for being self promotional]