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04/09/2014 - lebonna112
Bought a home in 2013.

Mark is AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!! Definitely take “ADVANTAGE” of him and the services he is able to provide!

Let me tell you my story. It's a doosy...

I recently got divorced. My ex-husband and I purchased a house years ago with the help of "John", a realtor that had previously been the President of the Realtors Association a couple of years prior to our purchase. With ‘John’ we really thought that we would be guided in the right direction as this was our first home purchase, and well he HAD been the President ~ he wouldn't steer us wrong. Well... that wasn't the case.

My ex-husband and I looked at close to 20+ houses, and when we found one that we liked... everything seemed okay… until the inspection. During the inspection at what is now my ex-husband's house, the inspector had suggested getting a structural engineer to look at the foundation. I asked ‘John’ how would we go about this, and he stated "not to worry about it". My gut was telling me otherwise but my ex-husband said that if ‘John’ says “not to worry about it” then we shouldn't either! This was a HUGH mistake... I should have gone with my maternal instinct. In hindsight I think I know why ‘John’ told us not to worry about it… he was tired of having to show us houses. Well, continue reading and you’ll see the difference between ‘John’ and Mark.

After living in the house for 3 years, we found out that the footer to the attached garage was 5 FEET (yes FEET ~ not inches, but FEET) deep, and that the garage had sunk 6 INCHES and was pulling the rest of the house down causing cracked floors, ceilings, walls, and much more. The previous homeowners had never disclosed this to us and unfortunately we had no recourse against them. With the help of our families, we did as much as we possibly could to help lower the cost to get it repaired... but in the end we ended up paying over $10,000 to get the house pierred and have a new garage floor and driveway poured. Unfortunately this didn’t add anything to the value of the house... it was money down the drain. And to make things worse... the house is still having foundation issues. I feel bad for my ex-husband for when he does decide to sell the house as I'm sure he will take a loss during the sale.

I met Mark through his wife. While I was married, my ex-husband and I had discussed possibly selling our house, and had planned on using him as the realtor. We had told him of our story, and how we weren't going to be "duped" again. Well although we did not sell the house together, I was able to be bought out of my portion of the house by my ex-husband and was able to find the house of my dreams with Mark's help. Let me tell you what Mark did for me.

Since he knew about the issue that I had with the previous house, I warned him upfront that I was going to be "stubborn and bull headed" when it came for me to purchase my own house. I told him that if I got the gut feeling that something was wrong I was going to walk away. A house is a big investment and I wanted to make sure that I was able to get the best house for my money.

He showed me close to 60 (YES 60) houses ~ something that I wouldn't expect most realtors to do. We would walk up to a house and if he saw something that wasn't "right" he would recommend me not to even waste my time. He would point out things that I never thought of. He was definitely looking out for me and my sons. He knew that being a single mother would be hard enough, and to have issues with a house would just only make things tougher.

Mark started to get to know me and my "style" so well, he would know even before we walked in if the house was a possibility. And towards the end it got to the point that we eventually would take bets on how long we would be in the house. LOL It was as if he was in my mind.

Mark is a wonderful man, both personally and professionally. He has a lot of knowledge regarding homes, whether they are old or brand new, possible costs for repairs, types of floor plans, and just what does and doesn't look alright with the house. And I have to give kudos to his assistant Lynn as well. She was just as fabulous as he was. From what I was told, she would arrange all of the showings for Mark, and map out our house shopping for us. As well as I'm sure she did other things for him.

MARK NONEMAN IS BY FAR THE BEST REALTOR EVER!!!! At some point and time I plan on using him again... but for now I have the house of my dreams ~ all because of him!

I HIGHLY recommend taking "ADVANTAGE" of Mark's services. You WILL NOT regret it! Happy house hunting!!!!

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12/26/2013 - user33863246
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $125K in Laotto, IN.

Mark stuck it out with us through FIVE homes bought and sold over a period of years! He found us a home to start with in 2009 and in 2013 he helped us sell that and helped us purchase another home and we love it! In the midst of the first home we purchased our Parents needed a Realtor and Mark sold their home and helped them purchase a Condo. We love our home! Thank you Mark!

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