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Real Estate Attorney at Law (18 years experience)

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The Law Office of Martin D. Eagan has helped thousands of New Jersey homeowners get the maximum return on the biggest investment of their lives. From your initial consultation until the deal closes, Marty Eagan can help you avoid costly pitfalls as you negotiate to buy or sell a home. Marty is also an expert at navigating the complexities of mortgage refinancing, and his experience has made him the attorney of choice for top mortgage brokers, including Weichert Financial Services, The Mortgage Consultants and Streamline Mortgage.

Are you considering a real estate deal with another party who has an attorney? Marty speaks their language! Are you worried about dealing with real estate agents, home inspectors, appraisers and mortgage companies? Marty knows better than anyone how to work with them. Put Marty's experience to work for you.

Marty has done real estate deals in every part of New Jersey. His team is dedicated to making deals easy for clients, so closings can usually be arranged at clients' homes or offices. Weekend and evening meetings can be arranged as well.

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