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12/04/2013 - mogala
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $2.9M in Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA.

Negotiation skill rating depends on who Ms Woods is negotiating for, herself, in which case she should receive a 5 star rating, or on behalf of her client, in which case, the single star rating stands. Ms. Woods is a real estate agent with very few management skills so far as her office staff is concerned. Her staff, btw, happen to run everything from open houses, which she held nearly every weekend (no doubt to build up her network) to processing most all communication for Ms. Woods. An example of Ms. Woods management skills was, after an initial theft, which occured at one of the many open houses, the"staff" decided to move and store jewlry, a computer, and 2 cameras. We applaud the effort, since we were absentee sellers, however when we could not locate these items and asked Ms. Woods where they may have been put, she had no idea. We believed these item also were stolen, since she had no recollection of there whereabouts. We subsequently found them, jewlry stashed in a zipped purse hidden in the upper reaches of my wife's closet, a computer put above a guest closet and the cameras stuffed behind hats in a cabinent, as we were packing up our belongings and finally moving out of the house. Ms. Woods had over priced our home, which she supported through her comps, by over 20%. I am convinced due to commission considerations, she was in no hurry to sell, and we wanted to move on with our lives. We finally insisted, after nearly 6 months that she lower the price, as our property was only ideally suited for demo/rebuild and the only value was in the "dirt." Once done multiple offers ensued. The one we were steered toward happened to be represented by Ms. Woods as well. On the 17th day of escrow she indicated that "the client" would not close unless we reduced the price. Do you think that she might have known this prior to the final day of contingency? After all, the buyer, a devloper, was her client as well? We turned the offer down, unless commissions were reduced to offset some of the price reduction, that deal went south.The back up offer came in and the same request to reduce price further in order to close escrow happens. I indicated we would accept the revised offer if the commission was reduced, again to offset some of the price reduction. Ms. Woods negotiates with the buyer to raise their counter price, The final result, they did, and Ms. Woods retained her 5% commission, and we, her clients, received no net $ benefit whatsoever. Ms. Woods response, "We, the seller, didn't have to agree." After 6 months of her nonsense we were worn out and wanted her to just go away. We have purchased and sold 6 homes in the Los Angeles area and can say, this was not one of our best experiences.

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