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AGENTS PLEASE HELP!!!! Buyer without agent. Any tips?


It is always in your best interest to have your own agent.  Don't concentrate on the agent having "a free ride."  In most cases, the buyer will not be paying the commission anyway, so why wouldn't you have an experienced professional help you, exclusively??  You should ask for referrals and find someone who is full time and has experience working with short sales.  Also, don't assume that because the agent has the short sale listing that they know all the ins and outs of the process.  Sometimes, they are inexperienced short sale negotiators as well.  Right now, there is no exact process for how short sales are handled, so the process can vary from bank to bank.

2 estimates on the same property


Hello,I see a 'for sale' estimate and a 'rent' estimate.  Those are the only 2 I see.  Can you please clarify your question, or tell me what you are looking at?

How low will they go???


Based on the information given, the sellers do show signs of motivation.  You would be surprised by the offers that are accepted, escpecially if presented appropriately.

Ask our community...


Your "feeling" is on point.  Because you live in the market, and you know what homes are currently selling for, you are correct in questioning such a large discrepancy. Zillow is a great platform for information, however they use automated valuation models to determine values (the information is gathered from such sources as public records).  You should not rely on these estimates because many factors are not taken into account. If you look carefully at the estimates, they do disclose that there is a margin of error and they also provide an accuracy table agent can provide for you a more accurate market analysis.