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we currently have a home to sell,have found another one dont want to lose it,what to do


You will want to contact your realtor and ask to submit an offer contingent upon the sale and settlement of your current home and with a 24-72 hour right of first refusal. In this market, you may have a home seller willing to engage you, especially if that home has been on the market for a little while. Because a home sale and settlement ccontingency is not a real position of strength, you may have to come in a little stronger in price than normal. Usually, the home seller will have the right to continue to market their home and if another offer comes in, they would have to give you 24-72 hours to either remove the contingeny and continue on with the sale or you woiuld lose the property that you want. If buyers lose a home they want, it is not unusual for them to just wait until their home is under contract before making another offer on a property. Check with your realtor to see what the guidlines are in your state regarding contingecny offers. Good luck!

Newly rented house and owner is trying to sell it. Do we have any say?


Without question take a careful look at the lease...from what you've said it appears that his name appears on the lease, however he is not the owner of he property. If that's the case it would appear that you signed a lease under a false pretense. Check your landlord-tenant guidelines for your state. There are usaully specific stipulations in the lease as to when and if the owner can attempt to sell the home during the term of the lease.Good luck!