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NOW is the time to sell in Cambrian!! Do you agree?


Yes it is a great time to sell if need or want to. The available inventory of homes is very low. Only 646 single family homes available in the entire county and only 28 in the Cambrian area. This is creating another buyer frenzy so the price you will get for your home will be very high.

How important are API scores for the resale value of a home?


Here in Santa Clara county CA the API score is huge there could be a 50k+ difference in the value of the home just because of the API score. In some cases one side of the street has a higher value than the other because the score of the school is stated before the new common core system will change all of this so I have no idea how that will affect things

You send to me information about rent house person ,But the person Steal my money $1800.00 I


Sorry to hear about your loss anyone else who reads this DO NOT SEND any money to anyone saying they are desperate to rent the house so send them money and they will send you keys ESPECIALLY IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE if there is a Real Estate sign at the home call the Realtor and let him/her know THis is a huge scam that has been going on for years

Why Zestimate of my home is totally different from a week ago?


Zillows zestimates can be very fluid every time someone closes on a refi or sale it can adjust the zestimate for your home. You should understand that these types AVM's are not accurate at all. Zillow says that it will be accurate to within 20% of the value of your home 71% time. You need a professional Realtor to give you an accurate evaluation of your home in this market.

your price estimation is a joke.


This should be no surprise! Zillow proudly proclaims on their web site that they are accurate to with in 20% of the sales price 71% of the time. AVM's (automated Valuation Model) can never be as accurate as a Realtor I would be out of a job if I gave a range that broad to a seller. If you want to know your homes value is in this market call a Realtor and have them price your home. You might be surprised.