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VA Streamline Question


Well this depends if you want closing costs covered( meaning you don't pay any out of pocket costs through the closing) or if you want the best rate available with some closing costs out of pocket. If you want all closing costs covered and you meet the basic requirments that the VA requires than your rate should land somewhere between 5.5 to 5.75.  If you want to bring in the closing costs (roughly 1 to 2% of new loan amount) than you could get away with a rate of around 4.75 to 5%. Some other factors to consider are:1. Your current equity position- as you may be able to utilize your equity to cover closing costs and get the better rate, if you have lived in the home long enough but this will require an appraisal that you will be responsible for as a cost.  2. If you have no equity or negitive equity this is not a problem as VA does not require an appraisal on VA streamlines when your clasoing costs and new payment justify a significant benifit to the vetran.3. If the vetran does not have a service connected disability rating than a new VA funding fee will be assesed and this will increase your loan amount.

can not view my house listing when searching city and state on Zillow


This is usually caused by a delay from zillow's servers, try to log in to your account and verify your listing is displayed under your listings tab and if it is not their than you have to probably resubmit it... If it is displayed than call zillow help and they can probably post it with click of a button. I hope this helps and wish you the best!