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Wanting help with purchasing a home with not the best credit.

I've had my job 9 years, Credit is 600-640, gross 55,000 a year, wife gross 45,000, debt total between us both is 25,000, open credit is 2000. I had a bankruptcy early 2009. Wife has had charge off's due to a divorce. Dont know her credit score is. She has had her job 10 months. I won't have a down payment till tax time. In that time i plan on paying off 4 cc totaling 2000.          I wanting to know the best mortgage for me. Bank of america told me to call back this past aug for a mortgage and they would work with us for an FHA. Because i made a late payment and it was 2 years after this past aug. 

How can I get a FHA mortgage loan, with bad credit.


I guess my score is still low because I only have 2 credit cards and 2 car loans. I got car loan first of 2012 and second in Aug 2012. I didn't have any trouble getting the car loans. My debt to income is low. $55,000 a year and $18,000 debt.My wife owns her home to, title in hand.  My credit cards are at the limit and I thought maybe that was another reason. I am paying them off soon but they are just $600 total. Also I still have 2 collections on my credit both have been paid off but I can't get them off their. Stay for 3 years they say.

How can I get a FHA loan with bad credit?

Credit is 580-620. I live in illinois. Finalized bankruptcy Mar 2010. I have established new credit and am on my way back up.  I cleaned credit up, waiting for one more thing to fall off.  I'm a first home buyer, but my wife owes her home outright but only worth about $15-20,000. I'm wanting to put down $5,000 or more if need to.