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10/31/2012 - user2597987
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $200K in Clarksville, TN.

I was a first time buyer and the experience I had with Meli was truly GREAT!! Meli truly cared about the needs and concerns of my family. There was never any questions left unanswered and she was available any time I needed her. The amount of knowledge Meli displayed was amazing and there were no shortcomings to the fact she kept my interests as a priority. She definitely kept the saving of $$$ in my pocket! My goodness! What a great business lady who cares!!! I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home! I cannot say enough…just impressive!!!

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Response from Meli



04/17/2014 - user41509947
Showed home in 2014 in Clarksville, TN.

We attempted to purchase a property with the help of Meli G. The property was bought out from under us. When we inquired of her regarding a 2nd property, we contacted her only because she was the listing agent. She then promptly began to send emails as to why we gave her a poor review. She sent several emails to us which were degrading, rude and absolutely unprofessional in any manner, and refused to respond to our emails and calls regarding the 2nd property which was thereafter removed from listing as a sale and rented out instead. I would never, ever work with her in any way whatsoever. She is especially disrespectful to those who have poor/bad credit or seeking to purchase a home that will give her little to no commission. Please exercise all due caution with Ms. Meli Gerogianis

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Response from Meli on 04/29/2014

I am sorry that you were not able to buy the house you wanted! Unfortunately I can’t do anything to improve your credit or to force lenders to loan you money! Your husband asked for lenders that could overlook his credit so I contacted many lenders on your behalf but they follow specific criteria on credit score & debt-to-income ratios & I can’t change that! Your husband e-mailed that he was researching "Philanthropists who work with individuals" & that he had e-mailed Warren Buffet asking for help. A few days later he was looking into "Financing Wanted" ads on Craigslist. I guess Warren Buffet did not get back with him! What was I to do? Call Donald Trump? I am sorry if you are not able to purchase at this time but making false accusations about me is not going to fix that! And if you are going to trash me publicly - sign your real name under it so people know who you are! It was because of the above attitude that I chose NOT to work with you not the commission or your credit score!



10/29/2013 - miztruck167
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $125K in Clarksville, TN.

Meli G is great! She was always there to make me feel more comfortable about decisions with the sale of my house. I don't care what time I called to ask a question, she was always there to answer. She made the process of selling so much easier on me, she knows what she's doing, and that made my first experience with selling a house stress free!!!! I would use her again in a heart beat!!!!

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Response from Meli on 02/12/2014

As much as I appreciate Candy's review, this is not a reply to it. This note is actually directed to everyone that contacts us with questions about homes for sale or rent. We receive hundreds of inquiries every day and although I have a great team of licensees that work with me around the clock and we do our best to reply to every single one of the inquiries we receive, sometimes that is not humanly possible. If you have not received a reply, please, do send us a second inquiry so we can make sure to answer your question. One more thing: if you are currently working with another Realtor, please, direct your inquiries to your representative as that will free us time to address the unrepresented parties! Thank you again very much for your trust in us and we look forward to serving you!



06/01/2013 - user8078637
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $125K in Clarksville, TN.

I found Meli on Zillow when I was brousing houses for sale. It was Saturday afternoon and I found a house I wanted to look at so I called figuring to leave a message when low and behold, Meli is working. She dropped everything to come open a house for me to look at then while I was looking at house 1, my wife sent me 5 more links. Meli found and opened every house that afternoon with a smile (except she has trouble with doors... :P). So when I found my perfect house, I asked Meli to be my realitor and she walked me thru the entire process, answering my calles at 2100 and emailing me and texting me all information i needed. She did the negotiations on my behalf and i am not displeased with her work at all. Even after I now own the home, I had an issue with a watsr line so I called her and she repeatedly called and made sure te previous owner took care of me. THANK YOU MELI! Your amazing

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Response from Meli



04/04/2013 - zVo
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $175K in Clarksville, TN.

Meli is the rockstar of realtors. My fiance and I have nothing but praises for what she did. I rarely write reviews for anything on the internet, but she's worth the time.

I'm in the military and moved here to the Clarksville area for work at Fort Campbell. Before we bought the new house, my fiance (in Chicago) and myself (military training in southern Alabama) could not easily make trips to Tennessee to look at houses; we had to do most of our looking online. This is where Meli enters.

Meli not only promptly responded to all my inquiries (I had to ditch two other realtors who took days where Meli took less than an hour, often minutes), but she went out of her way to take additional pictures for us. How many realtors do that?

When we found the house we were pretty sure we wanted, we met up and Meli was super helpful and VERY honest about the pros and cons of the property. The same day we wanted the house, she helped us not only get pre-approved with a superior mortgage company (wayyyy better than USAA; plus, we were able to close in 21 days), but she also got our contracts written up to submit our first offer.

The selling party was excruciatingly difficult to work with, however, Meli handled the negotiations like a boss. We actually thought the offer fell through because the opposite party had some very unrealistic expectations, however, Meli essentially had them 'break' and handled the negotiations like a champ. We got the house we wanted and the price we wanted -- what more could we ask for?

What we love about Meli is that she's more concerned with our satisfaction in finding the home that meets our needs than just completing a sale. Lots of people working in this industry are doing just that -- working. For Meli, this is her passion and it's less work than it is something she loves to do. It's made obvious by the fun she has working with us, her experience, deep understanding of the market, and her connections within the industry (we closed on the house in 3 weeks with the mortgage company she highly recommended). There were a few instances where I received e-mails from Meli that came in between midnight and 3 AM in the morning -- dedication much? And finally, she threw in a closing gift that really blessed my fiance and I as we prepare to get married this summer.

If you're considering any of the other realtors in the area, I can assure you you're making a mistake.

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Response from Meli



04/01/2013 - user6754432
Bought a home in 2013.

Meli is awesome! It has been a pleasure having her as our agent. She patiently showed us several homes and made our home-buying process as easy and fun as possible.

Meli was extremely responsive during our home searching and purchase. She would always get back to us quicker than we expected. She was also very available and able to work around our busy work schedules.

She was able to answer nearly all of our questions immediately; what she did not know right away, she would research for us. She knew the process well and guided us through everything with ease.

I will definitely recommend Meli to my friends and family in the future and use her again when the time comes to buy or sell.

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Response from Meli



03/27/2013 - user0976421
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $75K in Oak Grove, KY.

Fantastic Realtor! She actually cares about her clients and works hard. I cannot say enough great things about her. I had a Realtor before her that could not sell my house and did not seem to even try and wasted alot of my time and money (paying for an empty house). I am so glad I found her. She is so professional and sold my house really fast. I will refer her to everyone I can, she is the BEST!

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03/27/2013 - user0492716
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $200K in Clarksville, TN.

Meli is awesome. I definetly recommend her. Showed us many homes till we were happy and found the perfect place. She goes over every detail of the transaction, so there are no questions. Always answers calls and always available to help. Made the process so easy.

Thanks Meli,

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02/09/2013 - NickHarmon
Bought a home in 2013.

My wife and I were beyond satisfied with Meli’s professionalism and expertise. Her dedication and attention to detail made working with Meli a true pleasure. As first time homebuyers she made the process of purchasing a home an enjoyable experience for the both of us. Shortly after we decided to put an offer down on the house we wanted to buy, I got deployed overseas with my unit. Meli worked with my wife every step of the way and really helped alleviate those added stressors that deployments and big purchases are known to cause. Her knowledge of the real estate market and local area is truly amazing. If you find yourself needing to buy or sell a home in the Clarksville/Fort Campbell area, I highly recommend Meli Gerogianis for the job.

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Response from Meli



11/29/2012 - user41259538
Bought a Single Family home in 2010 in Clarksville, TN.

Meli was a huge help in purchasing our first home. We looked at a small number of homes all with unique selling situation. She was very patient with us and answered any question that we had and answered them very honestly. (There were a lot of questions) She worked to all hours help us be able to get our house on s short timeline. We could not have asked for a better realtor.

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