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I Would like to assist.  What is it about Winter Park that you would like to know?

fix your site


I am sorry you are experiencing issues with our listings on Zillow.  Unfortunately, I have no control over ther operation of Zillow.  As an agent, I am only allowed to upload data to the site.Please let me know what you are looking for and I can send you a list of homes direclty from our Realtor database.  That database is actually more accurate and up to date than zillow.I look forward to hearing from you soon.Jon Shehan[Contact information removed by Zillow Moderator]

Can we move into our investment property and rent our primary?


Hi Aiyaree, I have done the exact same thing before.  You can move into whatever property you wish and claim it as primary under most circuimstances.  Timing does play a role here with regard to filing for homestead (primary residence tax credit). It is very important that you also inform the tax collector's office for your county of this change too.  Move your homestead to your new primary and DROP the homestead on your old primary.  When you mentioned refinancing your new primary (old rental dwelling), you did not mention if you are going to be asking the lender for a reduction in principal, or if you are plannning to "come to the table" with the funds to absorb the difference between market value and appraised value.  You will also have to take into account that you may need to come out of pocket with the difference between the loan amount the bank is willing to loan on and the market value of your home.  For example, If you estimate your new primary to be worth $250,000 and you find a lender to give you an 80% loan, you will need to come up with an additonal 20% to get the loan. There are certain tax advantages on the rental dwelling and you should consult your accountant about how this will affect your specific situation.  You may get better tax benefits staying put because of the deductions you may be eligible for on the rental dwelling versus a primary residence. Lots to think about.  Dont forget to consult legal cousel and your accountant involved. Good luck.

My Real Estate Contact Info and Number of Listings


Rose, you can login into your Zillow account and update your profile.  As far as listings, they are automatically fed in from sites like Point2, postlets, etc.  You are not able to add your own listings until you are a Premium member, which I recommend you become  To work around this you can enter your listings in which will automatically add them to Zillow.  Make sure your Zillow email address matches the email you use to add them to Postlets.  That's how the Zillow system knows they are your listings.  Hope this helps.

This is my first time logging in.. Will the photos come from the MLS?


Listing information, including photos,are actually uploaded into (or "fed-in") to Zillow from other posting sources, such as Point2 and Postlets, just to name a few.  If you are an advertiser with Zillow, you will be able to manually enter a l isting and photos.  Hope that helps!