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I've yet to experience a Realtor who justifies their fee, how do you find one that will really WORK?


It's unfortunate of you and your wife's experiences. I don't agree with a professional who does not deliver the best service possible. However, I can only speak for myself. I also think your statement is subjective. It can be applied to any career in my opinion.I will list some of the reasons why I think the economy supports paying real estate agents such high fees1) We do not have the comfort of working a 9-5 like majority of the world.I am available 24 hours a day. Phone,email text etc. I am a service provider. I have to be available when it is convenient for my clients.2) I "agree" to be paid on contingency. I take the risk every day that the work I do will not be compensated. More risk= more rewards. Less risk = Less rewards. Not too many professions work with no guarantee of payment. Therefore, I can justify higher fees upon my SUCCESS. I have never been opposed to an hourly fee if it's reasonable.3) My clients know they get a knowledgeable professional who is going to advise them on sound investment decisions. I will get them a great deal if it means negotiating with a short sale lender for months4) I work seven days a week sometimes. I even answer my phone at odd hours of the night. It has taken precious time away from my family and strained some of my romantic relationships in the past. I have returned calls on vacation, I have worked many holidays. I have seen this industry take over peoples lives physically, financially and emotionally.5) Trust, integrity and sincerity I would pay for any day of the week Robert M.Peace and Love

how do i unlist home


Depending on the state, it can vary. A typical listing agreement can last from 3-6 months. In my home state of California, you can cancel the listing agreement at anytime. Just ask the agent or office manager of the Brokerage to send you a lisiting cancellation. It's quick and easy