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02/13/2015 - Hydropwr
Showed home in 2015 in Boise, ID.

My wife and I are relocating to the Boise area from Seattle. We found Mike on Zillow and so far this experience has been great!! We are 2 months from buying and made a trip down to get a feel for the area. Mike was more then ready to show us around. He picked us up at the airport and off we went. He spent 2 days showing us the area with no guarantee of us buying a home with him. For me that say a lot about someone and I would not buy a house with nobody else!! I highly recommend Mike.

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Response from Michael on 02/18/2015

Thank you David- I look forward to working with you and your family when you are ready to relocate to Boise.



02/11/2015 - lindseyj88
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 in Nampa, ID.

We came across Mike by chance on Zillow, but he was great to work with and just helped us get into our very first home! He was SUPER knowledgeable about the area and even gave us a tour pointing out all the important places we night need or want to know. He was great about staying within our budget and helping us find the right home. There were a few instances where his office only contacted me by email when I would have preferred a phone call. Overall, Mike was very friendly and definitely knows his real estate stuff. We appreciate all he did for us!

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Response from Michael on 02/18/2015

Lindsey, It was a pleasure working with you and your family. I hope you enjoy your new home. Thank you for the feedback about the Email's versus phone calls. We will make adjustments to ensure that the proper communication is being used based on a clients specific desires. Thank you so much. Mike



02/11/2015 - user2819068
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 in West Valley, Boise, ID.

We had a special situation where we wanted to take an early occupancy while waiting for the seasoning date of our short sale. Michael understood our situation and helped us negotiate on the house of our dreams. He's not just our realtor, he's our friend and part of our family.

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01/14/2015 - AlyssaJ
Sold a Miscellaneous home in 2014 in Meridian, ID.

I found Michael by reviewing agents on Zillow. He had a lot of positive reviews so I called him. He a great knowledge of all areas of the city. He stayed with in my budget and never pressured me. Just tried to help. Thanks for everything Mike!!!

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01/13/2015 - Racer21
Helped me rent a home in Beatty, Meridian, ID 83642.

I have been renting from Michael for a few months now. Our lease doesn't expire for another 6 months. My husband got a job opportunity out of state that is incredible. We called Mike to talk about getting out of our lease. I was really nervous. He was Great! He completely made me feel more relaxed. Told us he will work with us and find another tenant to take over. Was excited for our new opportunity. Thank you so much for understanding our situation Mike.

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01/11/2015 - KellyH8
Showed home in 2014 in Pearl, Garden City, ID 83616.

I found Michael's profile online. We were interested in Relocating to Boise area. I Found Michael's profile online and contacted him. He called me back right away. He was great to talk to. Very excited for us and a possible move. We scheduled a trip to Boise and Michael picked us up right at the airport. He spent a few days showing us around the area. We have a VIP tour! It was great. He spent so much time and never rushed us. He really wanted us to have a feel for the area to make sure it is the right area for us. We are considering moving to the area in 2015. We absolutely loved it! I would not take a tour with anyone else. Thanks Mike!

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01/07/2015 - Oldvet69
Showed home in 2014 in Bowmont, Nampa, ID 83686.

I found Michael's profile online. I found Mike's profile online. I currently live outside of Idaho and am considering relocating to the area. Mike was so friendly to talk with and very knowledgeable. On short notice, he agreed to clear his schedule and show me around the Boise area for 2 days. He showed me everything I could possibliy imagine. Great tour. I have done this in about 4 other states I am considering to relocate to. Mike gave the most detailed tour of any agent I have ever experienced. Thanks Mike.

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01/01/2015 - Wilsonp1
Sold a home in 2014.

I found Michael's profile online. Mike always was prompt with returning my calls. The entire transaction was smooth and easy. We will be listing our old home with him just as soon as our renovation of our new home is compelted. Thanks Mike for all your help.

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Response from Michael



11/23/2014 - user4374397
Showed home in 2014 in Boise, ID.

I contacted Michael Edgar and a few other Brokers/Agents, informing them I would be coming to Boise, and potentially buying a home - that it was one of several metro areas I was considering. We used the same process in Salt Lake City, Tacoma, and Portland. Michael is head-and-shoulders above the others.

Michael took two days and not only showed us houses, but wanted us to understand the different areas/communities of the metro area, where restaurants were, the river park, university, lake, etc., that we would first be able to identify the area we desired to live, then to find a home we would be interested in. Michael took us all over, gave us suggestions for each evening after we parted, and has remained in communication with us in the months since we saw him. We will be moving to Boise, and we will be asking Michael to represent us as our buyer's agent.

He is organized, thorough, responsive, articulate, and engaged. I would recommend him to anyone considering buying a house in the Boise Metro area.

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Response from Michael on 11/25/2014

I enjoyed showing you around my Valley/area. You and your wife were fantastic to hang out with for a few days as I showed you around the valley and we got to know each other. I look forward to working with you in the future and I think it says a lot about the area that you decided to choose Boise over all those other areas you were considering.



11/17/2014 - tim6732
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $550K in Eagle, ID.

We found Michael Edgar about 8 months ago, here on Zillow. We were impressed with the size of his recent sales portfolio. We brought a complicated residential property to him that would only fit the profile of a narrow band of high-value buyers looking for a large single-residence lot for new construction. He embraced it with a professional marketing process that successfully reached the target audience for this exclusive property. Before it closed, two full-price buyers were lined up to purchase it. It closed with the first buyer. Mr. Edgar is highly organized, knowledgeable and resourceful. I would like to work with him again. Thank you, Mike, for a tremendous effort that made it possible to reach our goal.

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Response from Michael on 11/18/2014

Tim, I really appreciate you allowing me to assist you and your family in selling this challenging property for you. I am very grateful that we were able to obtain the outcome you were looking for as I know you struggled with this property with other realtors prior to me working with you. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you in the future.