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Michael Kuldiner wrote:

As a seller I'm having a problem with my agent. If closing is postponed are there any legal issues

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you may put the buyer at huge risk if you want to delay the closing.  They may have a rate that expires or it might take longer for the bank to prepare the documents.  If you do want to extend it i suggest you get an extension in writing by all parties.
June 07 2009

I am one of 4 private lenders who hold a mortgage on a residence. 3 of 4 lenders want to foreclose.

if it is a consumer transaction, you have to provide the Borrewer with required notices.  After that, you and the other two lenders can proceed with the foreclosure.  Your success also depends on the language of the note and the mortgage. Contact me if you have any questions.
June 07 2009

How can I estimate the value of my home 7 years ago?

take a look at sales from 7 years ago in the neighborhood.  Ask your local real estate agent to help you.
June 07 2009