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Not Moving?

Many people have put off the idea of moving due to the economy. Here are some decorating ideas to spruce up the house and brighten up the recession!Most families spend most of their time in the kitchen.  Therefore it gets the most wear and tear.  Things get spashed on the wall and cracks develop over the years.  Take a good look at your kitchen walls and ceiling.  Looking a little tired?   Re-energize them with a new color -- something vibrant, inspired by fresh hues including citrus green, mango and lemon yellow!  Why not give it an inexpensive face-lift and make the most of your home time meals.   Let's hear some of your ideas.   Thanks!

Want to Sell Quickly?

We all know that a good first impression helps sell your home.   Many people advise spending a little money to spruce things up with the expectations that the house will sell for more and or sell quicker.  "Painting your house's exterior before you put it on the market give the biggest bang for your fix-up buck—if you use colors that conform with your neighborhood's decorating norm," says Eric Tyson and Ray Brown in their book "House Selling for Dummies (Hungry Minds Inc., 1999).   Just painting the front door can improve the anticipation of seeing the new home.  Also, interior painting remains one of the easiest ways to inexpensively update your home which can create a welcome sparkle and shine to an older home.     However many people ignore this advice and leave the painting to the next owner.  What do you think people are considering when they make this decision?  Is it the cost or time involved?