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    Should I Buy This House With Asbestos?


    Trust your instincts, If you are having second thoughts about buying, then don't buy.  Every property will have issues that will have to be dealt with over time. If you really want this house what is your tolerance for repairs, both the know and unknown.Seek advice on the cost of repairs and the cost of ownership to determine if the cost of ownership of this house are our of your comfort range.There are plenty of houses out there with fewer problems and would be easier to own. what if you are going to sell this home in the future,? what will you have to fix for the next buyer.

    How do I find the top selling realtors?


    In Texas, Finding the right agent to reach your goals is about finding someone who will provide you with an honest and frank acessment of the value of your home as it relates to the current market trends.Calling the office manager of a larger well known company in the area is a good place to start. describe what you are looking for in the firm and how important experience and knowledge of the particular area that your home is located is to you and go meet a couple of the top listing agents.Finding the right person to get the job done right is worth the time spent.

    Who pays for your agent's commision? Is it the buyer, the seller, or both...


    In Texas, Buyers are represented buy the Buyers agent and sign a buyers representation agreement stating the % of the commision paid to the buyers agent. The agreement states that the buyers agent will seek commission from the sellers listing agent. because most of the time the listing agent has negotiated with the seller the amount that the listing agent will work for and the amount to be paid to a buyers agent. It also states that if the sellers listing agent does not pay the full commission stateed in the buyers representation agreement, then the buyer will pay the remaining portion of the agreed buyers agent commision.In short, the commission that is paid for hte listing agent and the buyers agent is often paid by the seller, but in some cases the buyer may be asked to pay a difference between what the seller is willing to pay a buyers agent and the agreement that a buyer may have with a buyers agent. The question to ask your buyers agent is "who would pay the difference if the commision paid to the buyers agent on a listing is lower than the agreed commission.

    Do I need a Buyer's Agent to buy a house?


    In Texas, A Buyers agent represents your interest, provides you with all relvant information to help you make the most informed buying decision.  A good buyers agent with be an expert in negotiation and skilled in making offers. A local expert with knowledge of the market and current trends.So, Yes you need a buyers agent

    upside down/refinace


    the z estimate is just an estimate. Get a formal appraisal if you would like to know your house current value or talk to a Realtor for advice on how to increase the value of your home.  You may find out that you are not so bad off after all.Certain Do NOT take any advice that suggest refinancing 125% of your home. Values change with market changes.