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Emailing a listing report


Zillow is RIDICULOUS.  Now they charge me $10.  If I have more than one listing, and I do, then they send one big fat listing activity report.  BUT I cannot email it individually to my seller client. So what is the use of having a listing activity report sent ONLY to me?  Just frustrated. 

Emailing a listing report

I'm paying zillow $10 to list my information on their site. But I can't find where I can go into my listing and email a Listing Report to my client so they know the hits, etc.  This new format, and the $10 charge is ridiculous.

Please take this posting off. There is no REO in this development per Fidelity Title search now.

Here is the only foreclosure activity:  809 M (the big loft) had a NOD filed 4/8/09, the sale was on 7/23/09, and it has since resold to an end user in November 09.  801 M had an NOD filed  7/20/07 and had a foreclosure sale on 10/25/07, and the tenant/owner stayed inside until evicted, and it eventually sold to an end user in May 2008.  There are no other properties in foreclosure.   If you know something that the title company doesn't know, please let me know otherwise this posting needs to be removed.