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Rental vs. house for sale listing


Often times listing that are for sale, fall victim to outside parties who scam renters. Typically the scammers scrub listing data from real estate websites, and then list it on example on craigslist for well below market value for rent. You should use caution when trying to locate a rental online. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. A few things you can do to make sure you are protected.1. Work with an agent to help you with your rental search.2. Never put down a deposit on something you haven't seen.3. Always verify that the landlord is a real person not someone a "Doctor from the UK" has some of the scammers will say.4. and more.Best of luck on your search.

Who listed our home for sale after we purchased it?


Real Estate Agents listings are syndicated to many other websites. What probably happened is, the agent who had the home you purchased listed for sale, the agent probably never notified Visual Tour that the home is no longer for sale. Visual Tour is set up to automatically notify Zillow and many other websites of the homes that are for sale on Visual Tour, this is a service that the agent paid for. Since Visual Tour was probably never notified, Visual Tour's website still thought your home was for sale, until the tax records updated Zillow of the recent sale.