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Michelle Theisen wrote:

The sellers agent didn't disclose she was their mother. Should she have?

I'm unaware which state you purchased the property, however in most states it is required that you disclosure  to other parties in the transaction if you are representing a family member.  So, unless your state has different guidelines it should have been disclosed immediately to you and your agent.  About the roof, if the seller knew about the roof conditions and mislead you about the age and condition of the roof, you could have a claim against her.  But you would have to prove that she knew and intentionally withheld that information.  Hope that helps. 
September 10 2013

How can I get a list of properties going to auction in my area?

The best site that I've used is Foreclosure Radar.  You do have to subscribe to get access, but the information is very up to date and the site is user friendly. :) Hope that helps! 
June 04 2013