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do u have any usda homes


Where are you looking?  We have USDA homes here in Northern California.

Banked Owned - Multiple Offers


I agree that buyers walk for many reasons and it is always good to keep your eye on properties you really want!  Have your agent let the listing agent know that you still want the property.  In the meantime, keep looking.  You never know what great home might pop up for you tomorrow!

getting a response when inquiring about a property


As agents, we know that many people want to test the waters before calling someone new.  Sometimes they have very limiting schedules, such as working hard shifts at odd hours.  E-mails are not always a sign of a lack of motivation.  It may just be a matter of convenience for them or a sign of respect for your time.

How important is staging when selling your home?


I worked with a staging company before I became a real estate agent.  One important thing to realize is that when buyers are looking at homes, they see YOUR pictures and see the home as YOURS.  You want them to see the home as THEIRS and removing your very personal items allows them to see their own personality in the home.  It is worth every penny!

i am just starting to look at the houses that are bank owned. what should be my 1st step(s)? i own a


Your first step should always be to get your own financing in order.  Often times, bank-owned properties attract investment buyers and can have multiple offers.  Don't let that discourage you!  Make sure you have been pre qualified all the way to underwriting (your lender will help with that) and have that approval letter with you so that you can make an offer immediately on the home you like.Next, get a clear picture of what you are looking for and how much work you can or cannot do on a home.  Bank owned homes have often been vacant for awhile and might need some work.  Always pay for the full inspection and walk the property with the inspector to learn all about it.  Don't be afraid to walk away from a home you like if there are major problems that you can't afford to fix.That should get you started!  Happy Shopping!!