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09/10/2014 - luohuaj
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $375K in Oceanside, CA.

We are very lucky to have Michi as our buyer’s agent. She is not only very knowledgeable about the area she works, but also extremely hardworking and efficient. More importantly, she has her client’s benefits in her heart. We decided to contact Michi based on others’ reviews of her on Zillow, which turned out to be a terrific decision. When we were searching for a house in Oceanside area, it was a hot seller’s market. Without Michi’s local connections, extensive experience, and great dedication to her work, it would have been impossible for us to buy our house successfully. In order to put in our offer competitively and quickly, Michi was working anytime and anywhere, even when she was in the hospital taking care of her mom! After the house was under contract, Michi also helped us inspect the house, made necessary repairs, and found a tenant who moved in right after the closing date. Even now, whenever we have a question/issue about our house, the first thing we would do is to contact Michi – she usually solves our problem in no time. We like her so much that we have recommended her to quite a few of our friends who are interested in buying properties in San Diego area. Not surprisingly, we also heard positive feedback about her from them. For all the reasons above, we strongly recommend Michi without any hesitation.

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Response from Michi on 09/12/2014

I want to thank you so much for choosing me! As I told you when we first met, I will do my very best and will not disappoint you. It is my job to give my clients the best service at all times whether they are a first time home buyer or a repeat client. I appreciate the many referrals you have given me and the trust you have placed in me and my team. It was pleasure and privilege to serve you and may your investment continue to grow!



09/07/2014 - xdai2
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $375K in Oceanside, CA.

We were introduced to Michi by a colleague, who said that Michi is smart, hardworking, efficient, and willing to go beyond her normal duties to help her clients. I could not agree more! During the search for a property, Michi is very knowledgeable, knows the local areas very well, and is able to give very good and detailed advice about the important features of particular regions, including school, shopping, etc. But at the same time she is not imposing at all, and really respect clients' ideas and desire and tries hard to address any possible concerns. It was perfect balance! During the negotiation process, Michi actively thinks for clients to ensure that their benefits are maximally protected. Our property had some repair issues, and Michi worked diligently so that either the items were repaired or we had received funds from the seller to do the repair ourselves. After the purchase, she found the best tenants possible for us in no time (our property was rented out a few days after the closing date), and has helped us in all aspects of the property management afterwards, including finding and communicating with the gardeners, and finding workers to repair the broken sink garbage disposal etc, It's funny how we feel that Michi is a personal friend (though we only saw her twice so far), rather than a real estate agent, because whatever our needs are regarding the property she is just one phone call, text or email away. And most importantly, we can trust her because whatever she does it is fair and honest. I would give Michi my highest recommendation - you will not go wrong with her!

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Response from Michi on 09/12/2014

Thank you so much for the kind words. Referrals are the heart of my business and I am so glad that you were introduced to me. I do not feel my job is done until my clients are moved in or their home is rented and they are 100% satisfied with my service. I have worked many years to build a good reputation as a hard working and dedicated agent and the relationships and friendships that I have made along the way are a bonus! I consider you a friend and I am always just a phone call away!



08/17/2014 - Abhi Kumar
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $750K in Carlsbad, CA.

We approached Michi as we started our quest for a perfect house! It was an arduous and long search before we finally decided to buy. In the whole Journey, Michi has been a fantastic agent. She understood our needs and constraints and patiently worked with us to get what we were looking for.

During escrow, she and her wonderful team stayed on top of day-to-day work.

After closing, she made sure that the house is move-in ready and was always a call away for any kind of questions or help. Michi’s personal touch to the whole process makes it much more special. She is a wonderful agent and I would highly recommend her for a satisfactory home buying experience.

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Response from Michi on 08/19/2014

Thank you for sticking with me the past few years! As a first time home buyer I know how important it was for you to find the right house for your family. I am glad that we were able to explore many homes and communities and learned a lot together. The condition and location of this beautiful home made it such a perfect fit for your family. I know you will enjoy the convenience of being so close to work, school, shopping and restaurants! Enjoy it all and remember, “Michi can help, call today”. :)



08/10/2014 - cedriley
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $375K in Oceanside, CA.

We post these accolades for "Team Michi (Suzuki) at Keller Williams. A very professional and motivated team!!

From day one, your team was there for us, from sun up to sun down. Your team does not believe in a five day work week or eight hour days.

I think the words give up and surrender are not in their vocabulary. My wife and I were very impressed from the very beginning.

I must admit that there were times when I had my doubts that our house would sell because of other competition in our area,

but your team stayed focused and motivated throughout and that type of attitude was very, very encouraging to my wife and I.

Communicating all things positive that this deal would go through. Your team is BLESSED, with the ability to take care of their

personal matters and work related issues, moving forward without breaking a sweat! Your team's attention to detail, making sure that

all the "T's" were cross and all the "i's" were doted, made it all possible. I hope your next challenge be as successful as ours.

Your team is AWESOME!! And they "ROCK" as well!

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Response from Michi on 08/19/2014

Thank you so much! What an adventure it has been with the sale and purchase of your two properties. I am sure it was stressful to purchase from an auction with so many unknowns but you did an awesome job with your remodel and repairs and made your dream home a reality. I appreciate the trust you placed in me and my team with the sale of your prior home. You never questioned my suggestions for updating to compete with other homes on the market and did whatever we needed to get your home sold. I would not have had this success without your cooperation and faith in me. It was such a pleasure working with you the past two years and I wish you both much happiness in your new home.



01/14/2014 - tiandee
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $475K in Oceanside, CA.

My husband & I were so impressed with Michi Suzuki as our realtor when purchasing our home. She & her team stayed on top of every part of our home buying transaction. Michi, as well went above & be on her duties multiple times; helping us make our move-in not only smooth, but comfortable. Her thoughtfulness, kindness, professionalism & personal attention to the details, still amaze us. We will definitely ask her to be part of our next buying or selling transaction. If anyone were to ask us for a realtor reference, we would both shout "Michi Suzuki!"

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Response from Michi on 01/16/2014

It was my pleasure to work with both of you. We had our challenges but overcame them all! I appreciate the trust you placed in me and my team to get the job done and I am so happy that you were satisfied with the service you received. Thank you in advance for your referrals and shout outs!!



01/05/2014 - user5974166
Bought a home in 2012.

I feel luck that we had Michi as our buyer's agent when we bought our current home in 2012. It's hard for us first-time homebuyer to really tell which agent is suitable for us, so I read reviews in a few different websites and decided to give Michi a call. From the first phone conversation, you can already feel her enthusiasm, straightforward and sincerity. I didn't think twice and we started our journey.

It turned out my choice was an absolutely right one.Being in the business for more than 20 years, Michi is very experienced and knows the area (Carlsbad, Oceanside, Bonsil, Poway etc) very well, she even helped develop and build the upscale community in Bonsil herself, so yes She knows houses and lands. Her connection is everywhere, we can always hear some inside information about the houses we made offer to, the pros and cons of some properties, which is, to us first-time buyers, priceless and very educational. She is honest and trustable, we used the inspector, renovator, contractor she always uses and recommended and they all turned out to be competitive in terms of price and quality.

For the house we finally purchased, Michi tried everything to expedite the process (it was delayed due to the loan agent I chose myself and I wish I had used the one Michi recommended). There was no CO detector in the house ( which is required for the inspection) and waiting for the seller's agent to take care of it would take another few days. Michi just went to buy some out of her pocket. Our offer was not the most competitive one but Michi suggested fixing some minor thing from our side, with the help of her contractor, which helped ease the seller's mind, as well as ours, so our offer was the one finally accepted! Even I haven't used any other agent before, but I can't imagine any other agent working as considerate and hard as Michi does. She also takes care of her clients' rental properties very diligently, I am sure I will ask for her help when we have a second or investment property.

Last but not the least, I can assure you that you will never feel boring or awkward when you are riding with Michi in her big SUV on your way to visit your favored property!

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Response from Michi on 01/07/2014

I want to thank you for taking the time to share your experience with me and purchasing your first home. It was pleasure working with you and your husband and together we made a great team. I am always available to assist and help in any way and wish you nothing but much happiness in your new home with your new little one! Michi



12/30/2013 - chaoshikongwang
Bought a Condo home in 2013 for approximately $375K in Carlsbad, CA.

Thank you so much, Michi. She helped us purchase a Townhome in Carlsbad and never ceases to amaze me with her tenacity, bandwidth, and service. We were buying our first home and had a limited budget; she was happy to help us from step 1 to closing. As first time home buyers, she took time to explain each step and guide us through the process. We felt that we could take our time and confidently make decisions. It is a short sale property, so the procedure is complex. Michi can always helped us to handle everything very efficiently. It is great to know I have a friend and ally in the market. You really can't go wrong.

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Response from Michi on 01/07/2014

Thank you so much for your kind words. I apologize for all the challenges that you had to encounter as a first time home buyer. I know there were many stressful moments and I truly appreciate the faith you placed in me as we hit some bumps in the road. I am happy that we made it through and now you both can enjoy your new home and start making some wonderful memories. Michi



07/17/2013 - user0912454
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $400K in Oceanside, CA.

Thank you Michi. She listed and sold my house in about a month. She is a great negotiator. I got more than what we listed for. She has a very strong team behind her and it wasn't easy dealing with an out of state owner. After my tenant moved out she got the keys from my Prop. manager and got the place for listing and I didn't have to do a thing other than signing some docs over the email. This has been the easiest transaction ever...

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Response from Michi on 07/17/2013

Charles, Congratulations and Thanks so much for taking time to write the review, It means so much to me that you put your trust in me and my team to take care of your needs in this transaction. Please let me know if We can be of assistance in any way with other needs you may have. You have been a joy to work with.



03/07/2013 - user0607601
Sold a home in 2013.

You really can't ask for anyone better than Michi. She is a very honest, caring and genuine person and is fantastically generous with her time. That said, she is a tough competitor to have in your corner. Don't let her petite size fool you, she can tangle with any of the big boys and end up with their lunch money. I really felt much better with her in my side. She has been in this market for years and her expertise and experience really shows. I can't say enough good things about Michi and her great assistant. They really made all the paper work manageable, giving me the option to sign documents online with DocuSign. Michi is simply the best!

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Response from Michi on 03/13/2013

Thank you so much for your kind words. You were great to work with and made this transaction go so smoothly. It gives me great pleasure knowing that you were happy and satisfied with the service you received. If you, your family or friends should need my services in the future I will be here and ready to help.



02/24/2013 - user150381
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 in Oceanside, CA.

Michi Suzuki was a wonderful agent to us from the very first day. When we sent her an email via Zillow concerning a home, we received a response 3 hours later. Since that day, her patience and persistence was a glowing example of customer service. She will work hard to meet a customer's expectations, no matter what the price range of the home was.

We were buying our first home, looking for a VA loan, and had a limited budget; she was happy to help us from step 1 to closing. As first time home buyers, she took time to explain each step and guide us through the process. We felt that we could take our time and confidently make decisions. We recommend Michi to our friends and family all the time.

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Response from Michi on 03/13/2013

I want to congratulate you again on your first home and the remodel work that you did. It turned out beautiful!! You should be so proud with this first home. Thank you for placing your trust with me and I truly appreciate all the kind referrals that you have sent my way. Best wishes and please stop by anytime!