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Do I get a copy of the inspection reports, as the seller?


You may NOT want to see it. See what the buyer asks for and assess the issues presented.Written notice (the entire report) served to you on what may or may not valid deficiencies would require you to disclose those deficiencies to subsequent buyers should this one decide not to proceed with the sale. Don't complicate the deal.     2 more weeks for due diligence. Selling a house or a gas station??? DD should've been done within 7-10 calendar days.

I have a bad credit(520) & girlfriend has credit score of(725)- can we buy a place?


Depending on taxes and monthly assessment AND presuming she has minimal long term debt, the girl could qualify on her own up to about $900 month PITIO. A little low for your 120-130 target. Set your sites little lower and talk to a good loan officer to get FULLY preapproved. If the loan officer wants to do it over the phone with no supporting documentation, move on to another. You and your realtor will spend lots of time and resources digging for this needle, so a couple hours with a supportive loan officer is necessary.

What should I but/rent?


Not only can you NOT sign contract you also cannot execute a lease. File for emancipation or call your aunt Sally.

Why does Zillow use property tax information a couple years back?


Resources come in all shapes and sizes. Realist which is our primary source of info is at 2012.Best resources for tax appeals are your local county collector/treasurer and township assessor. into appealing my own taxes and upon doing some research, ALL my neighbors are silly high.Hard to find assessed valuation comps when there aren't any!