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What is your favorite tip for reviving a stale listing?


Hey Melissa,I have to agree with Susan on this. Getting new professional pics in the right light is critical. On top of that- a new marketing minor staging at a minimum...and of course a new price. It will sell. With the inventory levels we have in RVA- new pictures and pricing will many times be all you need.

BeWhat's the best way to sell home as is?


Janet, Your listing should state "as-is".  But just know the price must be in line with the condition when its listed. Most consumers will the addition of the term"as-is" to mean the owner can't make any repairs so they expect the home to be priced accordingly. Selling a home "as-is" is really not a big deal. There are hundreds in the Richmond Virginia MLS. 

Feel trapped, need HELP!


I live/work in the Richmond area and have gone through this with clients many times. In many situations the HOA won't allow a rental because the already have to be careful of FHA guidelines on how many rentals are allowed in a given community and still be allowed to purchase using FHA backed loans.A good REALTOR will be able to give you an up to date value analysis, talk to the HOA on your behalf and help you figure out a way of moving forward. There is ALWAYS a way to move forward. 

closing costs


Whether or not to pay the buyers closing costs is a negotiating point. In order to analyze it- thnk about it in terms of the Net Offer(the offer amount minus the amount of closing costs they are asking for). If that net offer is acceptable to you- then the closing costs. But if its not an offer that's acceptable- then negotiate further. Remember- its a cost that you pay at closing out of the proceeds.Its very normal in many parts of the country for buyers to request the seller to pay closing costs.