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Are open houses really a thing of the past?


Open houses are a great way of marketing your property if done properly. Your agent should blanket the neighborhood with marketing flyers for your home and knock doors letting the neighbors know your home is for sale and ask if they know anyone interested. Yes it will possibly help them with their business but there could be a home owner that knows someone interested in moving into the neighborhood and is fully unaware of your home for sale a few streets over. In this market especially where I am from, San Diego, some agents think they do not need to do open houses because homes are selling quickly by simply pressing enter on the keyboard and submitting them on the MLS. A good agent will market your property to as many people as possible and increase the chance of your home selling for the highest price possibleIf you want open houses tell your agent you want them hosting open houses. If they refuse get an agent who will work hard to sell your home and market it aggressively and not make excuses.