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I inquired about a home for rent and I can not find the listing right now but I have the email addre


I actually dealt with a client today who asked about a place that showed up on Zillow for rent which was actually for sale. The rent was way to good to be true and he said the person he was communicating with was asking for wire transfer and was VERY pushy. He also said the person he was dealing with was a "Rev. Jack Something" Anything like that is a scam. Always deal face to face and locally. If you can't meet with an owner or agent to see the property 1st hand, do not deal with them.

Please help - Mother passed away leaving the home to her sons - should they wait or start now?


I would not wait to sell the property. I encountered a similar dilemma when my grandmother passed away last winter. My father and aunt were the only two benefactors and the home my grandparents owned in Winchester was deep in Tax debt and required some serious work. They sold the house immediately and the attorney handling the will divided up the result of the sale. It was owned outright aside from the taxes. In my opinion, the best decision for your case would be to sell the house now before foreclosure. Best of luck.