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Buying a Condo in Dorchester/Savin Hill area


Is this something you plan on renting after the 5 years?  If so... I would recommend staying to South Boston, since it will be a more marketable rental as well.  If you are not planning on renting after the 5 years don't buy at all, since you will not have paid off much principal in the first 5 years and you're costs and risk will not be worth buying for such a short period of time.

Windows- replace old & leaky or sell as is?


Best bet is not to replace unless they are an eyesore.The buyer may decide they are willing to accept the windows as-is, maybe ask for a partial credit, or may get an estimate and ask for the total amount.  You never know.BUT... if you replace them pro-actively, you are 100% sure to pay 100% of the cost.  If not... there are many permutations, but only the worst case scenario has you paying the full load.

I updated my pictures on zillow. When will they be updated on redfin?


Is your property in your local MLS?  For most listings all the other sites (, Zillow, Redfin etc ) are datasynched from that MLS listing.  If you have submitted your listing to a site directly ( FSBO or non-MLS ) then you will need to visit and update each site separately. 



Ellen,Rent to own can be a more difficult transaction since many owners who are looking to rent are not wanting to sell and many that are looking to sell would rather just have it sold than turn it into a rental.My suggestion would be to look for a rental only for now until you are ready to buy.  At that point focus solely on the best purchase deal out there.

RE Agent didn't look at comps.


I know there is always confusion about items such as this, but there is no one definitive answer as to the true value or price of a property.  If there is a condo complex or a large subdivision with lots of comps and very, very similar homes you can get closest, but that is rare.You cannot get 2 people to agree on the price of a property, whether that be seller and agent, 2 agents, 2 appraisers ( or often a buyer and a seller ! ).If you hired another appraiser it is likely that the other appraisal would come in differently.  If another value came in 15K higher, would you now be thrilled that you  are getting  a good deal?So I'm not worried about the value coming in slightly lower ( although the seller is probably crazy to not drop to the appraised value to proceed ).But the fact that your agent did not discuss your offer or review comps is a problem.  In fact you should have both reviewed them together, tried to figure out as closely as you can the fair market value of the property to you and tried to get it at or below that number.  So yes, you should ask why that was not done.Incidentally, the fact that it does not appear the  seller counteroffered your price, just accepted means that you probably did offer too high.

Recently relaced bow window in living room for 7500. Done in Sept 2009. Has Zillow listed improvemen


Zillow does not keep such detailed information.  They have a proprietary algorithm that estimates values based on publicly available information and compares to sales and listings in the same area.  Sometimes it is right on.Often it's values are off significantly.  The reasons can be:Public information can be inaccurate ( often finished basements or additions may not be properly reflected ).Condition is generally not factored infloorplan and specific area can vary   etc.To sum it up, the Zillow formula will value a home based on it's approximate size and compare it to homes in the area of similar approximate size.  Specifics of the house and comparables are not factored.If you need a true value of a home you may pay for an appraisal or a Realtor can do a Free Comparative Market Analysis for you.