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The "question" section of my listing.

I wrote a "question" on my own home listing, to clarify something for buyer's agents. Now, since it no longer applies, how do I remove it, so it can't be seen by the public?

$$$ for Buyer and Buyer's Agent

If close on Firm price, will give Buyer's Agent $1500. Will also help buyer with up to $1500 in closing costs.

Want to Print Bird's Eye View


I was hoping the #2 "copy and save" approach would work, but it doesn't. If fact, nothing happens when you right click on the photo.

Is 35' wide lot buildable?

Isn't there a law in Jacksonville that says the lot has to be WIDER than 35' to build on it? Or has that law been changed?


SOLD! Seriously though, you need to orrect the price before you're arrested for false advertising.



Thank you. Sorry, still over my head. Darn!


Did you mean $169 thousand? If so you are WAY overpriced. If this was meant to be a rental, and you are asking $169 per month, you are WAY underpriced. I'm confused. Please explain. Am interested in a purchase price.

Want to Print Bird's Eye View

Is there a way to print the photo of the Bird's Eye View? I have a customer that would like a copy.