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Rural Refinance In Virginia


As Brian mentioned below more than likely you will have to obtain a commercial loan since the property is zoned agricultural. Local credit unions and smaller banks are typically great resources for this type of refinancing. Best of luck!

VA Home Loan


First of all I would like to thank your husband for serving our country, it is very much appreciated! There should be no issues finding a lender to assist in a mortgage like this. Feel free to use the Agents tab above to find a lender to assist. Most lenders go down to 580 credit scores for VA loans and some go even lower. Best of luck!

Looking for USDA for Jan 2015 with low credit score


Based on he credit scores you had at the time of initial pull I would've recommended you go FHA. However now that you have paid down some debt and paid those collections I would reach out to another lender and chat with them regarding possible avenues to get financed. USDA and FHA have very different guides for most lenders in regards to credit score requirements and therefore if you are looking for the more lenient one I would look at FHA. Best of luck!

Question about DTI


DTI should not play a factor in calculating the interest rate.Best of luck!

VA Cashout Refi


Contact another lender and have them take a look at it. Based on what you presented above I am surprised you were denied. Best of luck!