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FHA with a gap in employment history


Yes since you now have your visa and a two work/school history you should not have a problem getting an FHA loan.  Email me if you do and I can help you find a good loan officer in your area.Good luck from Alabama.

Does FHA ever approve a loan on a home when another is already owned?


Not sure if you found what you need yet.  But as a mortgage broker I can say that we can do loans down to 580 as long as certain conditions are met.  So with your score below 640 it might not be a problem.  What you need to do is go to this web site: search for a reputable broker in your area.  Also maybe check around with a few realtors and see who they suggest.  You need a broker who knows what they are doing.Your total debt load will determine if you and your new husband can be on the loan together or not.  If that broker requires a 640 then they should be good enough to tell you what to do to get your score up and quickly.  FHA does allow you to own many properties as long as they do not have an FHA loan on them if they are close to where you are buying.  The same is for VA.  The only program I know that says you can not OWN another property is a rural development loan called and ran by USDA.  Email me if you need futher help.  Good luck from Alabama.