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Alex Glaser wrote:

How normal is it that a potential Buyer wants to get contractors into the house for estimates before

That is totally normal.Some people just want to get an idea on what possible renovations or upgrades might cost them in the future before they start spending money that they cant get back, inspections and appraisals ect. I  imagine their intention is not to make you feel like your $7000 wasn't enough or spent in the right places. Be happy they want to see your house and ask them what their contractor thought.
February 13 2013

No Showings!!!!

If you home is professionally marketed with nice photos and your home is in great condition, then price and your motivation are the two main factors involved. Sometime agents are scared to tell a seller the truth because they are worried they may not get the listing, or sometimes they are unskilled in pricing homes. Either way if you are not getting showings and your home is in good condition and is marketed right then price is the issue. Assuming it is in good condition and marketed right, and still no showings, that means you are around 10% off on price
October 15 2012