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Did the 1st time home buyer credit expire?


Yes it did expire however your state and city officials propably have there own tax incentative for 1st time buyers or down payment assistance programs. You may not get the $8,000 but you can put less down on a piece of property

how to sell by owner


First you need to figure out what the property is worth and how much do you want to make from the property. Next you'll need to see what the current price per sq. ft. is in your area and price it like that including your profit. Have an agreement in writing and have all applicants fill out an application. Be willing to split some of your profits with Realtors if we find buyers for you.

Is staging really necessary?


Staging isn't really nessary if the home is vacant the buyers can imagine their own personal belonging. When the home is staged they are stuck with that picture of a fake sense of living, like something on HGTV. It's another way for people to make money off you, I don't suggest it.

How do I Price My Home???


Remember you dont want to over price your home or it will be on the market for a long time. so dont think in terms of HIGHEST think of the best price at the current time. People are afraid to spend a lot of money right now. Price it Right and pay for the home inspection get done what ever it is and it will sell the Quickest.

WHERE DO I BEGIN? looking for my 1st home.


Start at your bank first where people already know you tell them you would like to get qualified for a home loan and ask is there any programs from your state to help since the national 1st time buyers credit expired. That will tell you how much of a home you can afford. Dont let them check your credit until your sure that's the bank you want to go to because this can mess the score up. Once you get a commiment letter find a realtor and the rest is history.

purchasing a property for investment


The key to remember is every market is different. If the National unemployment rate doesn't go down the property probably wont sell until about 3-5 years.