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I am selling my home - how do I get it listed on Zillow?


Great property Scott, just try to make it known that it is located with North ColonieSchools to make it more appealing to buyers. Since you bought the home 11 years back you should have some good equity. I did see your mortgage was satisfied a few years back, so given you have refinanced since you are in good shape. The last time a home sold in your area was in 2008; what were you thinking as a asking price and were you willing to offer an incentive for a realtor bringing a buyer? If you do decide to list your home with a realtor I may be able to offer you a desirable brokerage fee depending on your situation. Two things sell a home; pricing it correctly and marketing it in a way that will reach the most buyers. Give me a call should you need any help.Sincerely,Jason Bustelos LREBNew York Realtor Group, LLC[edited by Zillow moderator to remove contact information.  Please refer to Good Neighbor Policy]

Price for home


It is only worth what any individual buyer will pay for it...a CMA will help, but ultimately the buyer and the market will be the final one to determine worth.

How big is your back yard? We have two kids and a dog and are looking for a home like yours...


Cannyclan...The lot is listed as 67 x 256 so it is a deep lot, probably enough room for the family. The property isn't currently listed through the MLS, but has only been owned for a short time. If you would like to see this property I can certainly try to make a call to the owner or if you want to view the latest properties on the market click [Website removed by Zillow moderator] Sincerely,Jason Bustelos; LREBNew York Realtor Group, LLC[Contact information removed by Zillow moderator]

Why is Scott Ginsburg Realty using my address to list the sale of a custom built home ?


Sean...That listing expired in feb of was new construction and sometimes the addresses aren't accurate, obviously. You may be able to correct it through zillow...not sure...If you do ever decide to put your home up for sale please keep me in mind...take care...Jason Bustelos; LREB[Contact information removed by Zillow moderator]

How long was this home 7 brandon ct in Latham on the market?


listed 4/13/09pending 4/15/09closed on 6/8/09@ 242k w/ 10k seller contribution for a net of 232k to seller...hope that helps...if you need any help buying or selling feel free to contact me...Jason Bustelos; LREBNew York Realtor Group[Contact information removed by Zillow moderator]