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address needs correcting

The name of the street of a new listing is spelled wrong.  It will not let me change it.105 Tracy Court is correct105 Tracey Court is wrong.Please help me fix it.

No longer for sale...


From: Nancy Oates,  I get an error message when I try to remove 214 Menawa Pass.  I took off the open house date and deleted all the information it would let me.  It still will not remove this listing.  This home is no longer for sale.  Please delete it. Thanks!

sold home


Nancy Oates, nancy@nancyoates.com,form.sdirect400 Possum Trott, Sold, $280,000. 2/21/2008. It will not take my information when I change it to sold.  Please fix for me. I am also going to have several others in the next few weeks. Thanks, Nancy Oates,form.sdirect