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Seller/seller's agent ethic


I find that as a trusted advisor I keep in steady contact with the agent on the other side.  It is important to set the stage upfront.  I would have said to the other agent I am going to make the statement to the other agent.  If something else should come in before the seller signs this agreement, please let me know. Sorry this happened to you

What should we offer?


I believe you have to feel good about the service your trusted advisor provides.  You both may not agree on the price but your agent should be supportive.  Part of having a good relationship with your agent is beig able to talk freely about your feelings.  Maybe this is not the right agent for you or maybe you should talk this out.

New Contruction in Yardley Borough

If there is interest in new construction not age registricted. I have [Promotional content and contact information removed by Zillow moderator. Please see our Good Neighbor Policy for more information.]

How much should I pay for a CMA?


CMA's are done at no charge.  This is a great way to establish a relationship with an agent.  This agent will keep you up to date on market trends, sales information in your area and valuable tips on getting ready to go on the market.  Why wait to make a decision when you can lessen the stress.

Zillow est. on my house is incorrect. Houses around are tending higher but mine goes down. How do I


The Z estimate is just looking at location.  It takes in all sales data in an area.  It does not take into account the size, feature or updating of your home.  It only looks at sales data in a geographic area.  Unfortunately there isnot much you can do about getting Zillow to change the value.  Most people understand this evaluation to not be accurate.  You can however claim your property and value it yourself.