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what should offer on a house going for 128,000?


Alot of variables, but a good rule of thumb is most homes sell around 3 % of the asking price, in a normal market.Let me know if you have any other questions. Nancy Sell

How do you determine price per square foot?


Take the purchase price of the house and divide it by the square footage.example    $200,000. purchase price    divide by    2000   square foot house   =  100 dollars per square ftSound like you have a good value in your home, good for you!Let me know if  I may be of any more help to you.  Nancy Sell

Should I buy a house and rent it out?


Definately buy, no question about it.  You owe it to yourself to make payments for your own property rather than pay down someone elses.The only time renting makes sense is if it is for a year or two at the most and preferaby a tax deduction for work somehow.Interest rates are spectacular, banks have been bailed out.  It is a good time.  Let me know if I can help you any further.  Nancy Sell

How much should I bid on a Bank-Owned property?


I have been dealing with forclosures exclusively recently and you get the lenders bid a day or so before the sale, sometimes longer.  Then you need to know what your bottom line is before you go in.  Sometimes you can get a home for a dollar over the lenders bid.  Let me know if I can be of any furher assistance to you.  Nancy Sell

Is it harder to re-sell if I buy a house that is by the main road and first house turn in?


You have some valid concerns, however the house can sell itself. Itdepends on the buyer.It is good to expect the value would be somewhat below a home ofsimilar characteristics and be in an area with no traffic and noise.There is a buyer for every home though.  A good price does help.Let me know if I may be of any help to you.  Nancy Sell