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I need to sell my home ASAP but have a Tennant whose lease has expired. What happens in this case?


The first thing you should do is take out your lease and review it for clauses on showing the property (i.e. for sale or to even re-rent there should be stipulations as to putting up a sign in the yard, putting up a lockbox on the door and even reasonable showing times.)  Once you find those clauses in your lease I would have an honest and upfront conversation with your tenant about you intend to do giving him plenty of notice to find another place to live.  Make sure he understands that this is not a personal decision but a business one:  You said yourself you "need to sell... ASAP".  No need to get into the details of your need to sell but remember that this is your property which you bought with at least some intent as a business investment.  Now you need to get the $$ out of that investment.  That's your right.Now, showing condition-  there isn't much you can do about a tenant who doesn't make the bed, put away the dishes/clothes etc.  But you can tell him that the better the property shows, the faster an offer will be made and the sooner he can be done with agents and strangers coming to visit.  Also, I would talk to an experienced agent about how they have handled this in type of situation in the past.  It maybe that they will advise you to wait until he leaves because the home will show better and thereby receive a higher offer (or multiple offers!).  Good Luck!

How can I get my listing more advertisement?


How long has your property been on the market?  It may not just be the advertizing capabilities of a Realtor that you need but also the network that good Realtors who actively seek buyers and sellers of real estate develop over years of "being in the field".  In my office I know of a minimum of 2 properties at any given time that haven't yet hit the market.  I just learned of one the other day that could very well be a perfect fit for a Buyer client I'm working with.  My point is that Realtors network to help their clients buy and sell property 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Are you able to commit that kind of time and energy to selling your home?Above and beyond that, has your home been staged for sale?  Do you have professional photographs to market the unique and inspiring qualities that motivate home buyers to make an offer?  Are you keeping up with comparable Active, Under Contract and Sold listings to make sure your asking price is not turning away potential buyers before they even get in the door?  A good Realtor will be doing all that and more for you.Hope that's helpful and I'm available offline if you need more advice. Best of luckNatalie