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08/27/2014 - nancysscott
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 in Allen, TX.

Recently, I worked with Natalie on the Seller's Side of a transaction and she represented the buyer. I have worked in the Real Estate industry (not as an agent) for 24 years and I was amazed at her level of expertise and the way she not only conducted negotiations, but how she acted on the buyer's half in such a professional manner.

She has a high level of integrity and knowledge. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any friend or colleague.

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05/28/2013 - user7723324
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 in Preston Hollow, Dallas, TX.

I have so much respect for Natalie Alfrey. My sister bought a house in Dallas to flip (buy, fix, and put back on the market for a profit). Natalie had helped her with her last flip house, and she did great. My sister found this one, and bought it without Natalie's blessing, but wanted her to help sell it.

Meanwhile, all hell broke loose. My sister had problems with the first contractor, who ended up leaving with all the money. She hired another guy, who wasn't really qualified to do a job of this scope. And BTW, my sister had the equivalent of a nervous breakdown, and couldn't be present, in mind or body to finish the job.

Natalie stepped in, finished the construction of the house, all the while discovering lots of poor workmanship, and re-doing everything to perfection. She had her own people come in and do things correctly.

She didn't just want to sell the house. She wanted the house to be perfect for the buyer coming from Illinois. Since she found the buyer, and he didn't have a realtor, Natalie only took a 3% commission to enable my sister to make more profit on the project.

It goes on and on. Every time I speak to Natalie, she continues to impress. She is always available and very articulate and knowledgeable. Natalie has an innate ability to keep all parties happy, which was no easy task on this assignment.

If I ever bought a house in Dallas, I would use Natalie, hands down. She is a five star realtor and a kind and thoughtful human being. Thank you, Natalie, for getting us through this!!

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06/16/2012 - user4367957
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 in Preston Hollow, Dallas, TX.

I live in Houston and needed to sell my elderly aunt's home. I spoke with Natalie based on the reviews on this site. I had my aunt meet her and Natalie won my aunt's confidence. My aunt needed to sell her home as she hadn't lived in it for 3 years. That was a huge hurdle to agree to the home sale. The home had issues but Natalie was postive, honest with her assessments, and found buyers. She helped us with options for emptying the items in the home. She was always postive, upbeat, and went out of her way to help us. Her advise was right on with what we needed to do to get the home sold and what we didn't need to spend money on. What I most appreciated was her availability. She answered every phone call and email promptly and she genuinely cared about helping my aunt. We lived 300 miles away and Natalie helped us in so many ways. I do almost no reviews on the internet but I needed to do this one. I was blessed to find Natalie Alfrey to help me sell my aunt's home.

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09/04/2011 - tmah
Bought a home in 2011 in Preston Hollow, Dallas, TX 75220.

Natalie helped us buy a townhome near Preston Hollow. She is very knowledgeable about real estate transactions, always professional and very quick on email responses. We were not familiar with downtown Dallas and she worked with us over several months to locate a home in a neighborhood we liked. She worked with us patiently through one contract that fell through and took the time to answer calls & write another contract while she was on vacation. She continued to help us and recommended a townhouse in an excellent neighborhood that we really loved and purchased. She gave us honest feedback about issues she noticed. She attended all the home inspections, obtained estimates from different contractors to fix several issues, and helped us negotiate the contracts and issues with the sellers until we were satisfied. She worked with the lender and title company to provide documents they needed and answer questions. Natalie also attended closing with us. Now that our purchase is complete, she is helping us find a good tenant. We were very impressed with Natalie and would highly recommend her!!!

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02/07/2011 - nbrown100
Bought a Single Family home in 2008 in Lewisville, TX.

Natalie is the utmost professional - experienced and knowledgeable and readily available to answer any and all questions. For first time home buyers, Natalie's knowledge of the market was extremely helpful. She pointed out various items we may not have noticed, and she provided insight and knowledge of the overall home buying process that was extremely important to us.

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02/06/2011 - Bbailey2
Bought a Condo home in 2010 in Oak Lawn, Dallas, TX.

When my wife and I began looking for houses, we were of the belief   that realtors were an outdated group that would soon go the way of the   travel agent. We would search listings and drive the properties on our   own. One day as we were walking through one of Natalie's open house,   she approached us and asked what we thought of the house. We honestly   told her it was not our style and out of our price range. After   describing our style and price point, Natalie asked for our contact   info.

Natalie would email us new listings that met our citeria every other   day. From that point forward, we were so much more efficient. We would   let Natalie know the ones we liked and she would do all the leg work   to set up a showing. Somehow with her search requirements, she was   able to really narrow the pack from what we had been searching on our   own. Natalie did an amazing job of providing encouragement without   being pushy or making us feel rushed. Natalie helped us put in an   offer on a house that we liked and when my wife and I had a change of   heart in the 25th hour Natalie was by our side reassuring us that we   had made the right decision to back out. I whole-heartedly expected   her to be frustrated or at least disappointed. My wife and I then took   another about face by deciding after weeks of searching for a house in   the suburbs to look for condos/townhouses in uptown. Natalie again   obliged and struck gold finding the house that I am typing this from.   Natalie held our hands through our first home purchase and she   prepared us for every twist and every turn.

Since the sale, Natalie has done an amazing job of keeping up with us   and making us feel truly special. On our moving day, Natalie showed up   with a gift basket....well actually it was a colander filled with easy   to make gourmet pasta and sauce so that we could enjoy a home-cooked   meal in our brand new home. My wife and I have already recommended   several friends. I can only hope that they take my advice. I am   confident that if they do, they will receive top notch service from a   knowledgeable professional and at the same time create a bond with   Natalie that will last a lifetime.

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02/01/2011 - Fieldhand
Sold a Single Family home in 2009 in Plano, TX.

I hired Natalie Alfrey to completely manage the preparation and sale of my house. I told her to do whatever was necessary to the house, and I wanted her to be in complete charge of the whole operation. She picked the paint colors, carpets, granite, tile, appliances, fixtures and anything else that was needed. She hired all the contractors and supervised their work. She did the same on some repairs that were necessary.

She staged the house and conducted the showings and all the rest of the sale process. We had a contract in 19 days and a closing within 50 days. The proceeds were far greater than I could have ever anticipated, especially since the housing market was in serious decline at the time.

She will certainly go the extra mile. During the sale process we had water accumulating under the slab. Natalie and I dug a ditch from the house to the alley to allow the water to escape. It was pouring rain the whole time, and she was wearing a business suit!

I highly recommend Natalie.

Sam Ray

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02/01/2011 - Packer13
Bought a Single Family home in 2009 in Far North, Dallas, TX.

Natalie is everything I looked for in a real estate agent and more!

After being relocated to Dallas for work, Natalie was recommended to me by a co-worker. She was patient, honest, hard working, knowledgeable and most of all caring. Her dedication to her clients extends far beyond the closing of the house and is from my past experiences unmatched in the industry. For example, a year after I purchased my house I got an email from Natalie giving me tips on how to protect it from severe cold temperatures because a cold weekend was around the corner. I have no doubt in my mind that when I look to sell my house in the future, Natalie will be the first and only person I call.

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01/31/2011 - dccmmx
Sold a home in 2010.

Natalie is a true professional. She was very responsive when selling our home and went above and beyond during the closing process. She worked with us on all of the details and was right there when we had questions. Natalie has also worked with us to find a new home and has been patient and provided detailed information that has helped us narrow our search and pick a property that we would have never found on our own. Her friendly approach and common sense makes working with Natalie truly an enjoyable experience.

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01/30/2011 - McDNet
Sold a Single Family home in 2008 in Garland, TX.

Natalie is the B E S T!!!!!

We had our house on the market with another agent and then "Buy Owner" for a full year. Natalie came in and sold the house in one month for more than we had it listed for with the other agent.

She did an amazing job of staging the house. And she went waaaay above and beyond what needed to be done to help get our house sold. And this was in 2008 right when the market was doing nothing but heading in the tank.

We would recommend Natalie to anyone and everyone. She was and is wonderful!!

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